National Lock Supply Raises the Bar with High-Performance Security Products

  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2023
National Lock Supply Raises the Bar with High-Performance Security Products
National Lock Supply is a premier provider of architectural door hardware. In a recent update, the company highlighted some high-performance security products.

Brooklyn, NY – In a website post, National Lock Supply shared some of their high-performance security products.

National Lock Supply affirmed that their cylindrical Lever Locks are a pinnacle of security hardware. They are constructed with precision engineering, ensuring they can withstand heavy use while maintaining effectiveness. They are versatile, making them suitable for both commercial and residential settings and customers can choose from various finishes and styles, seamlessly integrating the locks with various architectural designs. The ergonomic lever design offers ease of use without compromising security, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between aesthetics and safety.

The firm added that their Cylindrical Knob Locks are a testament to their commitment to security and design. These locks are engineered to provide a high level of security while being easy to operate. Various styles and finishes complement any architectural setting, making them particularly popular for residential applications, where users appreciate their sleek appearance and smooth functionality. Precision manufacturing ensures that these locks provide both security and convenience.

The company pointed out that its Panic Exit Devices are indispensable in emergencies as they are specially designed for public buildings, hospitals, schools, and other institutions where rapid and safe egress is critical. They meet strict safety standards and are equipped with mechanisms that allow quick and reliable exit when needed. These devices prioritize the safety of occupants during high-stress situations, such as fires or emergencies.

The team asserted that the Exit Device Power Supply units offered by National Lock Supply are essential for maintaining continuous security. Even during a power outage, these units ensure that exit devices function optimally. This is crucial in preventing unauthorized access during critical times. These power supplies are reliable and designed to seamlessly integrate with exit devices, providing a consistent power source to ensure the security of the premises remains uncompromised.

Lastly, the experts mentioned that National Lock Supply’s Surface Door Closers are engineered to provide controlled and reliable door closing. These closers ensure doors shut securely, reducing wear and tear on the door and frame and come in various models to accommodate different door types and sizes, making them highly versatile. These closers offer dependable performance, whether a heavy commercial door or a smaller residential one. By maintaining consistent door closure, they contribute to the overall security of a building, ensuring that doors are never left ajar unintentionally.

About National Lock Supply

National Lock Supply is a leading provider of architectural door hardware whose commitment to innovation and excellence shines through its high-performance security product lineup. Their precision-engineered solutions cater to the needs of residential, commercial, and institutional clients, ensuring safety, security, and peace of mind. They set industry standards by delivering durable, stylish, and reliable hardware that safeguards the spaces their clients value most.

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