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Gratitude Lodge Offers Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Gratitude Lodge Offers Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery

August 30
20:37 2023

Gratitude Lodge offers group therapy for its clients at all locations throughout Southern California. Group therapy allows clients to find support while addressing their substance abuse and/or mental health challenges.

Group therapy has numerous benefits and can be tailored to meet the needs and goals of participants. Overall, it contributes to the success of clients by allowing them to develop skills to help them throughout their recovery journey. Clients at Gratitude Lodge benefit from a serene and nurturing environment, holistic therapies, and mindful practices, all designed to support the recovery journey comprehensively.

To learn more about group therapy and the other programs offered at Gratitude Lodge for a loved one or oneself, call 888-861-1658 or visit www.gratitudelodge.com.

Gratitude Lodge provides group therapy because it offers an empathetic and supportive environment. Clients are able to find comfort in knowing that they are not alone on their journey towards sobriety. Individuals are also able to learn and gain valuable insight through group therapy, both from those with similar and diverse experiences. Group therapy offers clients the ability to relate with others and help improve relationships beyond the group. Accountability is another advantage as participants are able to share goals, setbacks, and create a sense of responsibility with others.

While individual therapy is also greatly beneficial and used at Gratitude Lodge, group therapy can provide additional treatment options and nuance to each client’s recovery journey. It can improve treatment acceptance and retention, reduce frequency of substance use, increase abstinence rates, and mitigate psychological distress. Oftentimes addiction and mental health disorder co-occur and group therapy can be as effective for treating PTSD as individual therapy. For those suffering fromsubstance use disorder, group therapy can foster a positive impact on their recovery.

Gratitude Lodge is a substance abuse treatment center in Southern California, including rehabs in Long Beach. It offers various evidence-based treatment methods with an expert staff, offering a supportive and peaceful environment to treat addiction. Gratitude Lodge works to ensure that all clients get the help they need and deserve to fight back against addiction to live a healthy lifestyle filled with gratitude, helping them appreciate each and every day.

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