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Empowering Smart Home Industry, ZHAOWEI Shines at SSHT

Empowering Smart Home Industry, ZHAOWEI Shines at SSHT

August 30
20:10 2023

“Today’s technology is tomorrow’s legacy, but only the technology that’s valuable to people endures.” — Kevin Kelly

Fueled by unwavering determination, ZHAOWEI continues to push the horizons of the smart home industry, igniting a blaze of innovation. Stepping into this year’s grand stage at the Shanghai Smart Home Technology exhibition (SSHT2023), ZHAOWEI proudly presents the heart of the vision: the “Customized Drive System of Smart Home.” Weaving together cutting-edge smart drive solutions with innovative and customized industry innovations, ZHAOWEI breathes life into smart home applications. Propelled by advanced drive technology, ZHAOWEI stands proud as purveyors of limitless prospects in the evolution of smart homes.

Unveiling Countless Drive Innovations, Unleashing a Myriad of Future Home Possibilities

· Harmonizing Home Appliances and Revitalizing Cleaning Drive: Elevating the Realm of High-Quality Living

Pristine Cleanliness: The Cornerstone of “High-Quality Living.” ZHAOWEI is dedicated to intelligent home cleanliness. ZHAOWEI drive system integrates cutting-edge driving technology and precision manufacturing, addressing current product pain points with tailored performance enhancements.

To address market challenges such as hair, paper debris, and inadequate cleaning that easily wrap around and affect the performance of cleaning appliances, ZHAOWEI Cleaning Drive System has optimized the gear teeth design.ZHAOWEI has innovatively upgraded the transmission structure, developed an integrated driving mechanism, and incorporated a peristaltic pump drive system. This mechanism combines a DC motor with a dust-proof and waterproof gearbox in a parallel transmission arrangement. This not only provides sustained and robust driving force but also achieves highly efficient whole-house dry/wet cleaning. Moreover, it offers superior product performance in terms of lifespan, rotational speed, torque, and more, surpassing the industry standards. This empowers an elevated, high-quality home cleaning experience.

· Blend the Audiovisual Entertainment and Smart Drive System: Linking the New Vision of  Future

Rooted in smart cleaning, ZHAOWEI steadfastly dedicates itself to furnishing the “Home of the Future” with an all-encompassing evolution driven by intelligence. Within this exposition, ZHAOWEI will showcase a dynamic camera elevation system tailored for intelligent screens. Crafted to cater to diverse real-world applications like video calls and conferences, this innovative offering can be can be designed with two, three, and four stages of transmission.

· Unleashing Infinite Potential with AI Robots and Customized Drive System

Through precision-driven technology and innovative industry concepts, ZHAOWEI catches a glimpse of the evolving landscape of the “Smart Homes of the Future.” ZHAOWEI actively paves the way for a symbiotic relationship between AI robots, a new breed born from cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, and the “Smart Homes of the Future.”

Presently, ZHAOWEI has acquired the qualifications of Key Robot Enterprise of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for Micro Gearbox and Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center, etc. ZHAOWEI has formed a comprehensive and versatile team of talents covering R&D, design, assembly, and testing.

Furthermore, based on the strategic layout of the overseas market, the exhibited drive system for the lawnmower robot and the swimming pool cleaning robot integrate the core concept of ZHAOWEI: Customized drive systems are the key to unlocking limitless possibilities for the future. These systems are developed in response to the commercial needs of ZHAOWEI’s overseas clients, tailoring their functionalities to suit diverse applications like land and water environments. This approach maximizes upgrades beyond local products, enabling advanced home drive solutions to be exported to European regions, ultimately transcending borders.

Customized Micro-drive, Diversified Future Possibilities

Committed to the field of micro-drive for over two decades, ZHAOWEI persists not only in empowering the smart home industry through precision micro drives but also in synchronizing its own growth with the industry’s future. At SSHT 2023, ZHAOWEI, based on its mutual growth with the industry and clients, aims for both commercial value creation and forward-looking market positioning. It introduces the concept of “Customized Drive System” and showcases a comprehensive process from receiving product requirements and discussing parameters to finalizing design directions and confirming solutions.

This bold step demonstrates ZHAOWEI’s commitment to collaborating with clients in creating viable customized micro-drive solutions, aligning with the evolving needs of multifaceted functions in the future smart home landscape.

“Committed to progress in the field of micro-drive to create a smarter and better life”, ZHAOWEI will continue to innovate its drive technology to unlock the infinite possibilities arising from the fusion of intelligent drive systems and smart home industry.

From August 29th to 31st, ZHAOWEI invites you to visit our booth B22 in Hall W5 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. ZHAOWEI is eager to engage in profound collaboration with partners from all walks of life, as ZHAOWEI collectively explores the direction of “Home of the Future”.

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