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Diablo 3 boosting services are now available on ArmadaBoost

Diablo 3 boosting services are now available on ArmadaBoost

February 07
20:58 2023

Diablo 3 becomes the latest addition to the lineup of games that ArmadaBoost offers boosting services in. One of the biggest in-game help providers decides to expand to this bestseller isometric hack-n-slash RPG despite the game not being among the freshest ones. Released back in 2012, Diablo 3 has already celebrated its decennial yet it still draws attention of the gaming world. There are still thousands of players enchanted by the franchise’s universe and characters and the season mode keeps them busy with leveling up even more champions. The number of active players has even increased lately – mainly due to the news related to other Diablo games: the already released yet somewhat unconventional Diablo Immortal and the awaited by many Diablo 4. The latter is the direct continuation of Diablo 3 and it only makes sense that lots of potential Diablo 4 players flock to the latest available PC game based on this universe to brush up their skills and knowledge of the lore.

ArmadaBoost’s decision is supposed to make the life of D3 gamers easier: both for newcomers and veterans. Newcomers might find the systems that are new to them slightly frustrating as hack-n-slash games have their own unique features which not everyone easily gets accustomed to fast. Especially, when the biggest titles of today are mainly shooters of all kinds. That’s why boosting services could be of much help in such a situation: making the learning curve less steep is always a good thing. Veterans would also find this addition beneficial as they will finally have someone to take care of the less interesting parts of the game for them. If you play one game for many years, at some point some of its activities start feeling like a routine to you and if you can just delegate doing them to a hired professional, you would at least consider such an option. So there’s now such an option indeed thanks to ArmadaBoost’s catalog growth.

What services are being added exactly?

The first addition is Diablo 3 power leveling that is meant to make it easier for players to raise their champions’ levels to the maximum one. The service has been designed in such a way that you can easily rush through what once was viewed as a long and tedious process in just half an hour. According to ArmadaBoost’s statement, the amount of time saved with it is game-changing. With such a boost you can focus on the end-game content right away instead of spending days on just getting there. There’s also a number of additional options that you can choose from:

  • Switch to hardcore mode (the one in which your champion is deleted if it dies)
  • Add 100 or 200 legendary items
  • Do 10 greater rift runs (of 70, 80, or 90 level; by default it’s only available for softcore)
  • Add 5 horadic caches
  • Do 10 nephalem rift runs
  • Make your order top priortiy

There are currently 2 services available for visitors of ArmadaBoost’s Diablo 3 section: the other one is Paragon level boost. Paragon system helps you get more perks after you’ve finished raising your primary character levels. Paragon levels are virtually infinite so you can have as many of them boosted for you as you wish.

Where can I browse Diablo 3 boosts?

All the Diablo 3 boosting services are gathered in one place, in a dedicated category section. You can find them directly at this address: https://armadaboost.com/diablo/diablo-3-boosts.

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