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The Hospitality Industry in Distress, Black Briar Advisors Answer the Call for Help

The Hospitality Industry in Distress, Black Briar Advisors Answer the Call for Help

February 07
20:37 2023
Black Briar Advisors is a full-service real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, repositioning, renovating, asset management & the turnaround of distressed hotel & resort assets. The company’s founder Stephen Nalley lends his expertise to the owners of distressed hotels. The Black Briar Team is responsible for the asset management and turnaround of over $2B of distressed hotel & resort assets.

The lockdowns, social distancing, and the world nearly coming to a halt have affected countless businesses and organizations, but the ones residing in the hospitality space took the brunt of the damage. With barely-occupied rooms even on the best of days, owners of distressed hotels are diving deeper into losses as lenders come knocking on their doors. 

Black Briar Advisors, a premier full-service real estate investment company has helped innumerable clients avoid inevitable financial disasters in the post-Covid era. Leveraging decades of combined experience of its team, the company guided the owners of distressed hotels through various processes; from settling debts and re-negotiating better contracts to restructuring assets, Black Briar Advisors ensured that its clients would endure and overcome any obstacle. 

Black Briar Advisors is founded and helmed by Stephen Nalley, who is a remarkably successful entrepreneur, a veteran, a respected author, and a professionally certified hotel administrator recognized by the American Hotel & Lodging Association. 

Stephen Nalley is the managing partner of Black Briar Advisors and is diligently working with a team of industry experts on helping the hospitality industry stand back on its feet. 

Black Briar Advisors has pinpointed some of the most common issues that are hindering the operations of distressed hotels, which include but are not limited to poor borrowing decisions, the lack of a turnaround plan, dated business-related technologies, and excess spending. 

While the majority of contemporary real estate management groups deliver “tried & tested” products, Stephen and his team will strike the problem at its source, striving to create a tailored mix of strategies designed to work for individual clients. 

Aside from leading the efforts to aid the owners of distressed hotels through Black Briar Advisors and Black Briar Hotel Group, Stephen Nalley also strives to help his clients acquire a more resilient mindset.

Stephen is the author of “Relentless Pursuit: The Foundations and Principles of Success”, which is a book that “attacks the concept of self-imposed limitations and limiting beliefs.” This book was created to complement the services Stephen and his team at Black Briar Advisors offer; while one delivers a comprehensive solution to concrete problems, the other offers the knowledge required to achieve sustainable success. 

Stephen Nalley also offers mentoring services to individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and people looking for life and/or career guidance. Stephen’s process is simple but multifaceted. He seeks to motivate his clients to reach their full potential, help them uncover their true strengths and weaknesses, as well as aid them as they relentlessly pursue their dreams.

More information about Black Briar Advisors is available on the company’s official website. 

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