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Perimeter Property Group Shares Why a Direct Sale in Smyrna is the Best Choice

Perimeter Property Group Shares Why a Direct Sale in Smyrna is the Best Choice

February 07
02:52 2023
Perimeter Property Group Shares Why a Direct Sale in Smyrna is the Best Choice
Perimeter Property Group is a premiere cash homebuyer in Smyrna, GA!
Listing a property can be a great way to find a buyer, but for some properties, a direct sale is the smarter choice. Learn about the benefits of direct sale in Smyrna here before making a decision.

How to Save Thousands Through Direct Home Sale in Smyrna, GA

There are multiple ways to sell a house in Smyrna, and many people immediately seek the help of an agent. However, there are other, more cost-effective ways to sell a house. One way is to sell the property directly, without the help of an agent. 

Selling a house through a direct sale cuts out the middleman. This means there is no agent working for a commission, and no need for staging or repairs. A homeowner can set their own price and avoid any fees. Skilled Property Finders provides three reasons why selling a house in Smyrna without an agent is an appealing consideration.

No Fees or Commissions

Choosing to sell property directly to a company such as Perimeter Property Group means a homeowner will not have to worry about paying out 6% of the sale price in commissions. This can save them thousands of dollars immediately. In addition, there are no agent fees, marketing costs, listing fees, or real estate photographers to pay. When working with a direct buyer, the property is typically sold as-is, so a homeowner can keep the money for advertising in their savings.

The longer you own a house, the more it becomes costly. By selling to a direct buyer right away, you can potentially save months of wasted time and money. No need to pay monthly utilities, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and routine maintenance costs.

Homeowner Controls the Process

When working with a company like Perimeter Property Group to sell a house directly, the closing date will be up to the homeowner. Cash buying companies purchase properties almost immediately, so homeowners won’t have to spend time waiting around for a buyer to come along. 

These kinds of homebuyers will not rush a seller into a closing. Usually they keep the process as simple as possible. Once the homeowner accepts the offer, they can then decide on the date that best works for them. There are no concerns of a sale falling through as with a traditional sale that undergoes several inspections and can take weeks or even months to finalize.

An Easy, Guaranteed Sale

Listing a house does not guarantee that the seller will receive their asking price. In fact, agents are often known to inflate prices in order to get homeowners to sign a listing agreement.

With a direct sale in Smyrna, a homeowner will know both the exact date and amount they will walk away with. This certainty allows them to plan for their future with confidence. The proceeds of the sale can be used to relocate, reinvest in another property, or simply enjoy life without worrying about the housing situation.

Sell Your House Fast with Perimeter Property Group

For those interested in selling their homes in Smyrna without the traditional listing costs, Perimeter Property Group can help. As a top cash home buyer in Smyrna, they offer a variety of services that can save homeowners time and money. 

Visit our website to learn more about our services today!

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