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Timeshare Simplified: Helping Timeshare Owners Turn Their Unused Points Into Cash

Timeshare Simplified: Helping Timeshare Owners Turn Their Unused Points Into Cash

January 25
22:34 2023
How owners can rent out their timeshares, get paid, and offset the cost of their maintenance fees – at no cost to them

While it may sound like a good deal at first, timeshares are not for everyone. Many people buy timeshares and then have trouble trading them, renting them out, or using them. Most recently, a lot of timeshare owners struggled with expensive maintenance fees during the recent economic downturn. And not being able to travel for various reasons, such as health problems, the economy, responsibilities at work and at home, or the loss of a loved one, among others, results in them getting stuck with unused points. Meanwhile, some timeshare owners just don’t want to use their points or have too much of it.

Fortunately, there is a way to get out of a timeshare, get rid of points, and recoup those costly maintenance fees. Timeshare Simplified was founded to take the hassles and troubles out of timeshare ownership – helping solve the problems most timeshare owners have been facing. So instead of getting stuck with the annual maintenance bill of an unused timeshare, owners can simply contact Timeshare Simplified and have their team rent out these unused points on their behalf. Doing so allows owners to monetize timeshare points not in use – for more cash value.

Timeshare Simplified is also committed to bringing back honesty and ethics to the secondary timeshare rental market. Unlike those scams that take advantage of people, having them pay upfront but never helping them rent or sell their timeshares, Timeshare Simplified offers no cost to timeshare owners and instead provides them with an upfront payment for renting out their unused points. They also have a streamlined process that makes things easy, quick, and efficient. Just submit points, sign a contract, and their team takes care of the rest.

Timeshare Simplified lists all units on their website www.Vacationcondosforless.com, which pushes as well to every major travel site, such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, Expedia, and many more. They also have a YouTube channel where people can get the latest information on how to best use their timeshare.

In addition, Timeshare Simplified President/CEO Tony Avitia wrote a book titled “Timeshare Tips & Tricks,” where he shares everything he has learned after 20 years of being in the timeshare industry. Currently available on Amazon, this rental guidebook shows owners the best ways to use their timeshares – from trading and renting to getting the reservations they actually want.

For more information about Timeshare Simplified, visit their website at http://timesharesimplified.com/.

About Timeshare Simplified

Timeshare Simplified is a timeshare rental company that specializes in helping people monetize their unused vacation club points.

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