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Wellness and Fitness Expert Takes a Holistic Approach to Health and Self-Love

Wellness and Fitness Expert Takes a Holistic Approach to Health and Self-Love

January 19
16:48 2023

Age is not a restriction to looking good and feeling great. These are words from health, wellness, and fitness expert, Karen Jones. Karen is the founder of “Happy You Happy Body” and prides herself on changing the way that older people think about themselves and their fitness goals. – “I get better as I grow older.” This is Karen Jones’ mantra — the words she tells herself to keep going. It is what keeps her anchored as she helps improve the lives of people around her. Karen is a health, wellness, and fitness expert, who runs her company now based in London, United Kingdom her business is only growing.

At the age of 36, a life-or-death decision drove Karen to make the most remarkable change in her life. Her choices were limited—getting her health under control or relying on medication for the rest of her life. She chose to get her health under control through exercise and unknowingly took the harder path. But it was the very moment she decided to put her health and life into her own hands that Happy You Happy Body was born.

As the founder of Happy You Happy Body, Karen is a multi-talented woman, with an arsenal of experience under her belt. She works as a personal trainer, a public speaker, a published author and life coach. She specializes in home and online fitness and provides every one of her clients with dedicated and focused attention.

For more information, visit https://www.happyyouhappybody.co.uk/

It can be difficult for anyone to make major lifestyle changes, and this is doubly true for older men and women. When you live a full life comprising of a full-time job, a house full of kids, and friends and family, it can be hard to prioritize yourself. It can become demoralizing to realize how little time you truly have for yourself.

The thing that makes Karen special is that she understands. She is definitely happy with her body now, but there was a time when she really wasn’t. Before Happy You Happy Body, Karen cycled through every yo-yo diet and suffered from severe body dysmorphia. 

After choosing her health and wellness, and choosing herself, Karen took up a journey of fitness that was mostly filled with lots of resentment. With the resentment came transformation, and for Karen, the cycle of yo-yo diets and ill health was finally broken. And now she regularly speaks with groups of men and women who have a common goal: improving their physical health and in the process, improving their lives.

Now, after two decades, Karen has become an accomplished public speaker, shortly launching online six and twelve month fitness programe, she has released a book: Happy You Happy Body available on Amazon.

One can expect a lot from the various services that Karen Jones and Happy You Happy Body offer. She provides home and online personal training services and approaches individual fitness and wellness goals with a holistic approach. 

She ensures that the training she provides is well-suited to the person she is training, and always takes time to address any self-doubt that her clients may have. Her bootcamps are military style with a modern twist, and that may sound scary, but it is very fun. She also shares her story as a public speaker, because she knows that sharing her journey of change may help others to make the change too.

About the Company:  

Based out of London in the United Kingdom, Happy You Happy Body, is a fitness, health, and wellness company. Founded by Karen Jones, a health and fitness expert, Happy You Happy Body provides a plethora of services in the wellness space. Happy You Happy Body and Karen Jones have been nominated for and won multiple awards in the fitness industry. The company is also proud to say that it partners with women’s groups to help women in need. Providing public speaking services, bootcamps, and personalized training, life coaching Happy You Happy Body is an all-inclusive experience for everyone.

Karen likes to be known as Happy Body Creator.

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