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Achieve Fitness Goals with JRNYZ’s 25+ Years of Proven Results – Now Available Online

Achieve Fitness Goals with JRNYZ’s 25+ Years of Proven Results – Now Available Online

January 18
00:42 2023

Most gyms lose 50% of their new members within 6 months (Source IHRSA 2020 – The 2020 IHRSA Global Report: The state of the Health Club Industry).

4% of new year resolution gym members quit by the end of January.14% quit by the end of February, and 50% quit within 6 months. (IHRSA).

So why are people quitting so quickly and not achieving their fitness goals?

The top two reasons people cancel their gym memberships are either they lose motivation or that they’re not seeing the results they expect. Further reasons found within the research included; lack of accountability; uncomfortable with equipment; intimidating environment and uncomfortable training with others; more fitter; budget concerns; time or family commitments.

Personal Trainer and Coach Jrnyz, says these statistics show just how many people waste time and huge amounts of money in their struggle to get in shape, lose weight and achieve the positive lifestyle changes they seek.

Jrnyz says there are also a lot of myths and misconceptions about fitness and exercise. For example, many people believe that you need to work out for hours on end or follow one of the many strict and unsustainable diets out there in order to see results.

Additionally, another obstacle that many people face when trying to get in shape is the overwhelming amount of information available online and in social media. It can be hard to know where to start or what exercises are best for you.

So what can you do if you want to get fit or lose weight but don’t know where to start? When it comes to transforming your body, getting leaner and toned, stronger and fitter, there’s no-one better qualified than Personal Trainer and Coach, Jrnyz.

With over 25 years of experience delivering fast results for his clients, Jrnyz knows exactly what it takes to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals – and keep your results for the long term. One of the things that sets Jrnyz apart from other trainers is just how he works with his clients, helping them get healthier, happier, fitter and stronger in the process.

He says getting lean and toned isn’t just about counting calories and exercise – it’s about making “sustainable changes” to your nutrition, daily habits and mindset, in addition to accountability which is where most gyms and weight loss courses will always fail by missing these vital steps. That’s why the Jrnyz approach is so successful; his clients see real results that last, and don’t end up as another typical failed attempt.

Incorporating positive habits, mindset and accountability focussed fundamentals within his ongoing coaching are the secrets to his and the thousands of his clients success stories and why he takes so much pride and passion in helping change people’s lives for the better.

Jrnyz focus is reinforced by one of his favorite quotes….”You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily !”. This targeted approach is what gives him the edge in achieving fast and lifelong results for all his clients.

If you’re looking for a trainer and coach who can help you finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted, then look no further than Jrnyz. With his wealth of experience and expertise, he can help you reach your goals with his new and very affordable monthly online coaching membership.

Here’s what some of his clients are saying about him…

“I have always wanted to lose weight around my hips and thighs and have a better body tone and, even after 4 weeks, I have been able to see the results of my twice weekly training sessions with JRNYZ. This is something I have failed to do with the other personal trainers I have worked with”.

“I would thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone, whether to lose weight, tone or just to improve overall fitness”.

“My goals are quite simple; improve my general fitness, flexibility and body tone. As a result of my regular training sessions with JRNYZ I can see and feel the results”.

“The fact I’ve experienced tangible results in a relatively short space of time has really motivated me to keep exercising”.

“I’ve had the pleasure of being supported by JRNYZ for a few years now. During that time I’ve seen a drop in weight of 16 lbs. overall but most importantly, I’ve been able to maintain that loss and have a more toned and healthy appearance overall”.

“Since starting personal training with him, I’ve lost 3kg, gained a level of fitness I never thought possible and have increased my self-confidence”.

“I have been with JRNYZ for nearly three years with my weight control program. I really appreciate JRNYZ professional knowledge and the programs he designed for me. I controlled my weight successfully for the last three years with JRNYZ help”.

“Since joining his sessions I feel I am so much stronger, fitter and leaner. I would definitely recommend”.

To learn more about Jrnyz and how he can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, then take a look at his website here: www.bodypt.co.uk

Jrnyz company BodyPT (Body.Global) is now offering for a limited time, a proven and fast approach to achieving sustainable weight loss and maintenance that’s not just for the rich and famous ! After 25+ years providing 1-2-1 and Group Body Transformation results to thousands of clients, BodyPT is now making its bespoke PT and Nutritional Coaching more accessible and affordable online.

So if you have struggled with losing weight or weight maintenance and are looking to stay constantly motivated with frequently changing exercise programmes and videos to keep you on track to seeing REAL results…

Are looking for an unmatched nutritional and exercise coaching programme that will address negative habits, mindset and all those barriers that lead to failure and weight gain…

A place that will hold you accountable to achieving your weight loss goals….so no more excuses and letting yourself down…

A way that allows you to exercise when you want… and not feel intimidated by others who may be fitter than you…

A way where you will have access to one of the U.K.’s longest serving and experienced PT and Body Transformation Coaches with over 25+ years skills and experience delivering RESULTS…

If this sounds like you, Jrnyz is offering a LIMITED TIME OFFER on his exclusive monthly ONLINE personal training and coaching membership.

For as little as the cost of just 1 take out coffee per day monthly you could be on your way to seeing real results with Jrnyz.

And best of all, Jrnyz coaching membership comes with a GUARANTEE – If you’re not happy for any reason, you can cancel your membership straight away and at any time, with nothing more to pay, no expensive gym contracts or tie-ins.

Don’t just take our word for it, Jrnyz clients stay with him for the long term which is testament to his fantastic coaching and delivering results!

So what have you got to lose?

To register before this offer closes visit: https://body.global/monthly-membership

To contact Jrnyz: [email protected]

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