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LASERSKIN.CA launches new Flat Rate for PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal in New Year

LASERSKIN.CA launches new Flat Rate for PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal in New Year

January 16
23:39 2023
LASERSKIN.CA is now offering their highly sought-after laser tattoo removal service, PicoSure, at a convenient flat fee for all kinds of tattoos.

Toronto, Ontario – January 16, 2023 – Great news for all those apprehensive of tattoo removal for expensive tattoo removal costs. LASERSKIN.CA welcomes the New Year with a new flat rate on their next-gen PicoSure laser tattoo removal service. Developed by Cynosure, PicoSure is the world’s FIRST, most effective, and fastest picosecond laser for tattoo removal.  

As of now, LASERSKIN.CA is offering a flat rate of $197 (on 6” x 6” per session) on PicoSure laser tattoo removal service instead of the previous price of $250 on 5” x 5” per session. 

The FIRST of new-gen aesthetic lasers, PicoSure does not remove tattoo ink solely with heat. Unlike regular tattoo removal methods that solely use heat, PicoSure follows a revolutionary technology backed by medical science and physics to ensure a more effective and safer treatment. The USP of PicoSure technology is that it emits energy at a blazing fast speed (in trillionths of a second) that generates mighty laser energy directed on tattoo ink. It creates a powerful photo-mechanical impact that helps shatter little ink particles quickly yet without damaging surrounding skin tissue. It’s the usage of less heat that makes it safer and less painful than traditional tattoo removal methods. 

Additionally, while regular tattoo removal methods are not always effective on all skin tones (especially dark skin tones) and tattoo colour, the PicoSure technology can cater to diverse skin tones and various tattoo colours, including multi-coloured tattoos. 

“We are glad to share that we recently introduced a flat rate on our highly popular PicoSure laser tattoo removal service. Unlike traditional lasers, the PicoSure laser service emits extremely short energy pulses, gauged in signature PicoSure seconds, to targeted inks to ensure safe and highly efficient tattoo removal. The PicoSure technology works well even with the hardest of colours like red and has also proven to be highly efficient for multi-coloured tattoos”, stated the leading spokesperson from LASERSKIN.CA 

Top benefits of PicoSure laser tattoo removal: 

  • Assures fastest tattoo removal by shattering tattoo particles with focused and high-powered energy sent in short and quick bursts. The short bursts make it easier for the body to remove the laser pulses easily, thereby preventing damage to the surrounding tissue area.
  • Caters to all skin types, including dark skin types.
  • Less painful tattoo removal method (compared to traditional methods), thanks to fast energy pulses
  • Ultra-short pulses assure optimal receipt of energy on tattoo ink that eventually assures more effective tattoo removal than ever 

“PicoSure tattoo removal has proven to show over 95% tattoo fading in 1-3 or 5-8 sessions, depending on the complexity and color/s of your tattoo. The process is extremely safe- we also use a numbing medication to ensure a more convenient and relaxing tattoo removal experience.” 

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