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An Innovative Education Provider in the Digital World

An Innovative Education Provider in the Digital World

January 12
20:48 2023
An Innovative Education Provider in the Digital World

The first school to successfully develop and implement a comprehensive distance learning program enabled via the internet.

Pearblossom Academy’s distance learning program offers students a unique combination of convenience, flexibility, and rigor that other schools simply can’t match. Pearblossom Academy caters to grades K-12, offering students the opportunity to progress at their own pace and advance a grade level in 12 months or less. With this flexible approach, students can complete high school a full year earlier than traditional public high school programs. 

Being dedicated to providing the highest quality education to their students, their courses are carefully crafted to ensure that they keep up with current trends in the job market. From web development to finance and accounting, they have a wide range of electives for students to choose from. They help their students develop the skills necessary for success in college and in their careers by offering online testing modules for a variety of subjects, allowing students to get the practice they need to ace their college-entry tests, such as the SAT.

Pearblossom Academy’s approach focuses on fostering critical thinking skills and encourages students to ask questions and explore topics on their own. Thus, students don’t rely on someone else to teach them – instead, they develop the skills to become independent learners. Practice essays help students improve communication skills for success in college and later life. 

Pearblossom Academy understands that each student is unique, which is why they tailor their learning program to each individual by giving each student the tools they need to find success when they take their next academic steps, whether that be continuing in college or starting a career. Expert tutors are also committed to helping each student reach their personal goals, no matter how challenging. 

All instruction is provided in the comfort and safety of the student’s home since Pearblossom Academy is committed to cultivating a healthy and supportive learning environment, so there are no vaccine or masking requirements ever. Pearblossom Academy strives to ensure a safe and secure environment for their students so all data transferred over their platform is encrypted using the latest security protocols. They also have a support team on hand to help students if they run into any issues while studying. 

Physical textbooks are available as well as an online student portal for students to use to stay on top of their studies. Students can disconnect from the distractions of online social media and take the time they need to concentrate and focus on their studies. 

The online student portal, developed by educator and computer scientist Gary S. Goldman, PhD, offers a comprehensive overview of each student’s academic performance simply and effectively. It shows test results for each subject, an overall summary of their grade, and any tests they have remaining. This gives the most accurate picture of their learning progress. Students are offered the opportunity to take tests twice if they wish to improve their grade or fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

Pearblossom Academy is passionate about helping students achieve their goals. If you are interested in learning more about their unique distance learning program, please visit the website or contact them directly.

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