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This Man Is Driving Socio-Economic Development in Malta

This Man Is Driving Socio-Economic Development in Malta

January 11
16:00 2023

Christopher Kazolides is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur from London, England with a dream of driving socio-economic development in Malta through agri-tourism. He hopes to launch the first-ever wellness festival and a food & beverage business on the island, offering investors equity in the company and free memberships to those welcomed onto the board.

With over ten years of experience in the music events industry, Christopher hopes to bring audiences from around the world to experience the artists performing at his events.

In order to facilitate such a venture, Christopher has proposed creating a plot of land dedicated to agri-tourism that would produce fruits and vegetables for local consumption as well as animal sanctuaries designed to protect Maltese wildlife.

This farming endeavor would use artificial intelligence (AI) systems to monitor water levels, bio-metrics of plants and their atmosphere, utilizing solar technology, and desalinated irrigation hydroponic water.

Christopher also comes from an inspiring family history: his parents still run a popular Greek Cypriot restaurant in West London called Halepi since 1966.

In addition to his current work in Malta, Christopher has already achieved success through founding a subculture label movement across Spain, London, Mexico & New York – Perth Records – which he intends to continue exploring through launching new material including an experimental classical electronic album plus many more singles & collaborations with upcoming artists.

His vision also includes promotional club nights in Poland & Cyprus alongside monthly events throughout London that will collaborate with teams based in Malta; this collective event is titled Meso-Alta Festival – so keep an eye out for it!

Notably, post covid times have seen great depression among cultures globally where art has felt suppressed and unmanned drained – leading Christopher’s mission towards healing and wellness. He hopes humanity can recover from pandemics via reenergizing art culture across social realms.

This first wellness festival could provide just that spark as our world transitions into more sustainable practices both economically & environmentally; aiding communities worldwide to feel empowered within their own setting – be it rural or Urban.

You can learn more about Chris’s vision here: (https://linktr.ee/in.your.hands)

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