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Earnest Diaz’s Let Them Eat Cake to Feature in More Festivals

Earnest Diaz’s Let Them Eat Cake to Feature in More Festivals

January 10
17:08 2023
Award-winning author, artist, and music composer, Hon. D. F. A. Earnest Diaz, continues to receive accolades as his record, “Let Them Eat Cake,” a sport international fight song enjoys massive airplay

Hon. D. F. A. Earnest Diaz has proven his prowess across different forms of art as a fashion designer, music composer, and artist. Over the years, the multitalented individual has released several projects for his diverse audience and his song released in the summer of 2019 titled “Let Them Eat Cake (Chapter 18)” has more than substantiated this claim. In a related development, Earnest has announced plans for the anticipated release of the second installment for Unity titled “Beauty and Grooming,” which will drop in the Summer 2023.

Art has been described as one of the most effective ways of expressing one’s perception of a subject. Several creatives have emerged in different parts of the world to use music, paintings, and even spoken words to pass a message to millions of people globally. However, the likes of Earnest Diaz have found a way of standing out due to their versatility and ability to combine different forms of art, as substantiated by his exceptional projects, including the hit song Let Them Eat Cake.

Earnest released the Let The Eat Cake single in the summer of 2019 and the song has become a global hit, known as the international fight song. Let The Eat Cake has an irresistible beat that gets everyone on their dancefloor almost immediately it comes on. The song, which is currently doing good numbers on all major music platforms worldwide, has been featured on several festivals, with the video to the song set to be up for a few more festivals through March.

The works of Earnest have not gone unnoticed, enjoying accolades from different quarters. He has about 56 awards and accolades across 6 continents, including music composer of the year. Other awards to his name include Best Animated Short – Havelock International Film Festival – India, Official Selection – MICMX – Mexico City, Mexico, Best Music Video – New Jersey Film Awards – New Jersey, USA, and Honorable Mention / Award Best Animated Short – Only The Best Film Awards – Florida, USA, just to mention a few.

Hon. D. F. A. Earnest has his hands in practically everything that relates to art, working with big names across different industries, including fashion designing, filmmaking, music, writing, and even NFT. He has worked with the likes of Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, Grammy-nominated vocalist Tamar Davis, Jonathan Sandys, the great-grandson of Winston Churchill, and a host of others.

To learn more about Beauty and Grooming as well as other exceptional works of art from Hon. D. F. A. Earnest Diaz, visit – https://www.earnestdiaz.com/. Earnest Diaz can also be found across social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and OpenSea, where he has the Let Them Eat Cake NFT collection.

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