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Switzerland Beatmaker “Wudo Beatz” reveals how he makes more than 100k/year selling beats online

Switzerland Beatmaker “Wudo Beatz” reveals how he makes more than 100k/year selling beats online

January 09
20:38 2023

Wudo Beatz is a famous producer and beatmaker from Switzerland. He has worked with many high-profile artists. Wudo’s success story started when he was just 17 years old, but it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took him almost ten years to achieve his current status as a top worldwide music producer.

Wudo Beatz’s life story is a perfect example of how a person can achieve success in music production. As a Swiss hip-hop producer, he has been making beats for over five years and has sold more than 10 thousand beats online. Wudo Beatz is also the founder of Adon Store, which has become one of the most popular stores in Switzerland where you can buy quality gear from different genres brand as Nike, Bape, etc.

WUDO BEATZ started his career in music at 16 when he joined his best friend’s recording studio as a DJ with no experience whatsoever in this field, but when it comes to passion and dedication towards your craft, nothing else matters! He didn’t waste any time learning about equipment and equipment settings; instead, he focused on developing his signature sound by experimenting with various techniques until something clicked inside him that was worth pursuing further!

After working on projects like “Street Camp” (Columbia Records) or “Paris To Lausanne” with Dj Battle (Believe Digital Records), WUDO BEATZ decided to create the “Ridin High” label together with fellow producer “Iron Klass.” They had big plans for building new talent through their platform while helping up-and-coming producers improve their skillset through mentoring sessions, workshops, etc.

Their first release under this label was called “Back To Reality,” released in November 2018. It featured artists worldwide, including names like Monica, Nas, SWV, etc.

In the following paragraphs, Wudo Beatz explains how to make more than 100k/year selling beats online and making Beats on Demand.

”If you want to make more than 100k/year selling beats online, you first need to build a website. A good website will be one of the essential parts of your business and image as a beatmaker.

”First, let’s talk about branding. Your brand is basically how people perceive your company or product. For example, if someone says “Apple,” they would probably think of their sleek iPhones and iPads with their pretty icons, but if they say “Samsung,” they might think of their phones that have many different features and options (like waterproofing). So when people hear your name or see it written down, what comes to mind?

Next up: design!

”The way something looks is essential because it instantly communicates so much information—and good design helps people navigate around quickly without getting confused about where things are located on the page. If you want yours, visitors focus on buying beats from WUDO BEATSZ instead of trying to figure out how everything works together and then making sure everything looks nice before publishing anything online!

”Finally, we get into Domain names, which are just shorter versions of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This means whenever someone needs access someplace online, such as accessing WUDO BEATSZ’s site, then typing “wudobeatsz” into the Google Search bar.

Freestyle Beats

”Freestyle beats are great for anyone who wants to have fun. You can make freestyle beats with any genre of music, and you can use them to get practice making beats or even just for fun. It’s a great way to make money, too!

”Freestyle beats are good practice because they don’t require any planning before you start making them. You need to be able to listen closely enough that your mind doesn’t wander while you’re recording but not so much that it distracts from the music itself. This means that when someone buys one of your freestyle beats and gives it their spin (which is encouraged), they’ll still be able to hear how well-crafted the original was—and hopefully come back for more!”

Wudo Beatz was born & raised in Lausanne, Switzerland but travels all over the world now. He is a music producer that runs his own online sample market company & strives to be better each day.

Wudo has already produced songs for over 20 major artists, including Gunna, Iann Dior, La Fouine, Sfera Basta, SODMG, Stress & Many more. Before producing music, Wudo was a designer for the famous brand ADON and a DJ artist but decided to stop focusing on music production, striving to be different from other super producers. In just a couple of years of producing, Wudo Beatz has become one of the most listened-to producers on “Spotify” and other famous streaming platform.

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