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Bodybuilding and BS Brings the Latest Bodybuilding News to Fans, Enthusiasts, and Professionals Across the Globe

Bodybuilding and BS Brings the Latest Bodybuilding News to Fans, Enthusiasts, and Professionals Across the Globe

January 09
20:30 2023
Bodybuilding and BS is a bodybuilding news platform founded and owned by Nick Trigili, an IFBB award-winning professional bodybuilder. Nick’s mission is to empower aspiring bodybuilders with advice, inspiration, and news, helping fresh athletes rise to the top.

Bodybuilding is a vocation for some, a beautiful hobby for others, and a life-changer for most people. Empowering both the body and the mind, bodybuilding is more than a set of exercises; it is a lifestyle that Nick Trigili, the owner of Bodybuilding and BS embraces to the fullest.

Nick is an IFBB award-winning professional bodybuilder who reached nationwide renown after winning the Mr. USA contest in 2014. With 20 years in the sports world, he has participated in various competitions ever since he was only 16 years old. Nick is also a certified nutritionist and business owner of multiple companies. He is considered among the friendliest and most competent experts in the field. 

Nick Trigili’s website Bodybuilding and BS is covering interviews, opinions, and any content related to some of the biggest names in bodybuilding. From Robby Robinson talking about his anti-aging secrets and Greg Doucette slamming the concept of Open Bodybuilding to numerous IFBB professionals voicing their thoughts about Mr. Olympia, Nick is covering all the crucial happenings in the professional bodybuilding scene.  

As the founder of Bodybuilding and BS, Nick is changing the lives of thousands of bodybuilders across the globe. His YouTube channel BB & BS is a crucial part of his platform, and as he imparts, he is using this platform to keep his viewers updated on the latest happenings in the vast bodybuilding world:

“I created this channel to cover the most important and up to date news in bodybuilding and fitness. While doing so, I hope to share some of my personal experiences along the way to help as many as possible. I want people watching to understand that bodybuilding can be a really amazing journey if done correctly, but if it’s not done right, it can seriously damage your life or even kill you,” said Nick. 

With nearly 1,000 uploads, over 100,000 subscribers, and close to 35 million views, Nick’s Bodybuilding and BS is among the furthest-reaching platform in the current market. 

Nick Trigili has managed to achieve this degree of success in merely one year, but his contribution to the world of bodybuilding stretches decades before his rise to prominence on social media platforms. Nick has attended, participated in, and won a range of bodybuilding events, engaged in networking with other professionals, and most importantly, brought innumerable aspiring bodybuilders on the map with his videos. 

Bodybuilding and BS is based on quality content and the vast experience of its founder Nick Trigili. Unbiased and professional with a healthy dose of humor and friendliness best describes Nick’s approach to bringing the latest bodybuilding news to his viewers, subscribers, and fans.

More information about Bodybuilding and BS is available on the company’s official website.

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