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Yale Divinity School Is Providing Superior Continuing Education For Churches And Clergy

Yale Divinity School Is Providing Superior Continuing Education For Churches And Clergy

January 09
20:00 2023
Yale Divinity School has multiple opportunities and resources for both churches and clergy members to continue to learn and grow in their knowledge. From lectures to full programs, they provide a wide variety of options to keep learning.

Continuing education is incredibly important for anyone, no matter what their passion or area of study. New information, additional topics, and in-depth studies all contribute to taking one’s knowledge to the next level so one can continue improving. For churches and their clergy members, continuing education through a divinity school can provide great insight and new theology for them to work with. There is almost an endless supply of topics to learn about in the church, giving constant opportunities to keep learning and studying.

Yale Divinity School has numerous options for churches and clergy to continue learning and educating themselves on this vast topic.

Yale Divinity School’s continuing education options

Yale Divinity School has numerous options for churches and clergy to learn. With something to suit anyone’s needs, they make it possible to set aside time for study and learning.

This summer, they’re offering two different options to choose from. The first is a deep dive into a book of the Bible or an important issue applicable to the modern world. These programs are available through their online summer school so that they can be completed anywhere in the world.

Those same program options are also available for in-person study on the Yale Divinity School campus. This allows one to focus their full attention and dedication on that program.

Yale Bible Study is a free resource in which clergy and lay audiences get to engage in small group studies with the insight of the Yale Divinity School professors. The combination of clergy and professors allows for a higher level of study and engagement to better learn about the topic being discussed.

The Yale Youth Ministry is aimed directly at the younger generation with content tailored to their needs and learning. This program promotes faith in youth and aid in building future Christian leaders that are prepared for an ever-changing world.

Yale Divinity School also has a great library of videos to choose from. Classes, guest lectures, and special events make up this collection. This gives anyone who wishes to learn more a great resource for just about any topic they could think of.


Yale Divinity School has numerous types of programs to choose from, all of which aid in continuing the education of anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to study. Potential students don’t need to live near or move to Yale in order to reap the benefits of this continuing education. There are numerous online resources, classes, and gatherings that provide the same superior levels of education and study so that anyone can further their knowledge in the religion they’ve dedicated themselves to. From non-degree program studies to individual events and bible studies, there’s an ideal resource to start with.

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