SWIM (spreadwisdom): A New Hope For The Decentralised Market and Earth Future

  • PublishedJanuary 5, 2023

SWIM Ignites a Beacon of Hope for a Wiser Future of the Decentralized World with Its Game-Changing ‘Proof of Wisdom’ Wise Consensus Algorithm and ‘WISEME’ Toddlers App.”

At SWIM, we believe that every individual has the potential to reach their highest level of intelligence and our goal is to utilize all of our resources to raise awareness about pressing social issues that require immediate attention, specifically those related to the health of the earth.

To this end,our creation in making is the “WISEME” SWIM Toddlers gaming structure, which aims to cultivate a wise ecosystem that promotes the sharing of knowledge about human well-being and the improvement of the earth’s health. We hope to aid in the creation of a future generation of wiser, environmentally conscious entrepreneurs through this and other futuristic innovations.

In addition to the “WISEME”  gaming structure, we are also working on establishing a wiser decentralised network community to prevent the failure of DAOs by leveraging wisdom through the use of First-ever unique concept of  the “Proof of Wisdom” consensus algorithm. 

This community, which is already powered of over 1.3 million “Wise-ards,” of #spreadwisdom mission is open to anyone who wants to join in our efforts to create a better future.

Our team at SWIM consists of world-class researchers and quantitative experts who are dedicated to creating Brilliantly Interactive Augmented Experiential Sustainable blockchain-supported Decentralized Applications, games, and metaverses. These wise apps and metaverses are designed to empower and engage users by incentivizing them with rewards for participating in our mission to spread wisdom 

  • “WISE ME” Toddlers Parents NFT Game is an innovative project that aims to empower the future of toddlers through a play-to-earn gaming revolution

  • The game converts daily screen time for toddlers and parents into ZooNFT rewards, using the safest blockchain technology

  • The game incubates ideas for gaming apps that help toddlers learn about nature and well-being through daily wisdom tasks, with rewards in the form of ZooNFT on a decentralized platform.

 Our Wise-ards Team

  • Co-Founder and CTO: Mr. Dhanraj Dadich, ex-CTO of 5ire (valued at $1.5B) with experience in sustainable unicorn blockchain

  • Director of Research & Business Development: Dr. Ahbab, experienced in the field of digital economy and a lead consultant in major research with numerous high-indexed journal papers

  • Director of Education and Insights: Dr. A.S.A Ferdous, with a Ph.D. from the National University of Malaysia

  • Corporate PR Manager: Oksana Belousova, with experience in marketing, crypto, DeFi, NFT, and more

  • Honorary Advisors: Dr. Wendel, Jacob Kauble, Rachel Rekkab, and Kareem Kassab

  • Founders: SS-Arvind Bhanushali and Sachin Gupta

  • CMO: Manish Khanka

  • Powered by Sadhguru Sadupdesh

Director of EduDirector of EducatioInsights

“SWIM is Championing a Brighter, More Wiser Future for All with Its Groundbreaking wise innovations and Emphasis on everyone’s well being and Better Earth Health.The growing community of Wise-ards, consisting of over 1.5 million individuals and Unwavering Commitment to 100% Proof of Reserves Offer a Ray of Hope in an these Turbulent times in the Decentralized World.

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