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Online Experts And YouTube Creators Call This Man The “Sales Video Jedi”

Online Experts And YouTube Creators Call This Man The “Sales Video Jedi”

January 04
20:30 2023

At the age of fourteen, Lefteris discovered his love for music; particularly house music. Over time, he developed an impressive skill set that enabled him to become a quite successful DJ. By the time he was sixteen, Lefteris had his first club gig and at age twenty-five, he was playing shows all across North America and Europe.

As his popularity increased, so did the need for good PR and promotion. He began hiring photographers and videographers to help him capture amazing footage that could be used on social media platforms to advertise himself as a DJ. This resulted in some stunning visuals that made Lefteris feel quite cool!

At thirty-one, Lefteris met his wife who made him start craving for stability and a home life rather than the nightlife that had previously captivated him. It was then that the idea of buying a camera came to mind — something that would enable him to continue creating while still staying home with his family.

With this newfound inspiration, Create With Lefteris was born — an organization dedicated to creating high-quality promotional video assets such as video sales letters, commercials, and story brand videos for coaches and online experts. Recently they have also expanded their services to include filming and editing for YoutubeTM Creators as well!

Having completed a full circle journey within thirty years’ time, Lefteris feels incredibly content with where he is professionally now — something he never thought would happen considering his family’s history with promotional advertisement prior to this venture.

In these past five years working with Create With Lefteris, not only has he worked with some incredible people but also learned so much from those around him which only adds more joyfulness to what is already an extremely rewarding experience.

As time passes by, both Lefteris’ team as well as company goals continue expanding while catering services remain just as professional as ever — making sure clients are always satisfied with their experience when working with them!

To learn more about Lefteris and his groundbreaking work, then visit his website here: www.createwithlefteris.com

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