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Prolific Skydiving Coach Zemi Abreu is Offering Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Flying Trainings Guaranteed to Produce Results

Prolific Skydiving Coach Zemi Abreu is Offering Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Flying Trainings Guaranteed to Produce Results

January 04
14:10 2023
With Zemi Abreu, anyone can move from being a novice to an expert driver in weeks, and he is allowing skydiving enthusiasts to leverage his passion

Skydiving is a great sport. It feels surreal to jump out of airplanes and navigate downwards with a team of other people or someone else. While many see it as a dangerous sport, it is proven to reduce one’s response to stress, improve physical fitness, affect one’s mood positively, and encourage communication, among many other benefits. To make the most out of skydiving as a sport and an exercise, it is quintessential to choose the right training program, school, or mentor.

Seeing the risk involved in not learning skydiving the right way, Zemi Abreu as José Miguel Garcia de Abreu is fondly called is a professional skydiver, wind tunnel instructor, body-flyer, and aerial stunt man has commited to offering the best skydiving and wind tunnel flying training for people who want to become experts at skydiving. Zemi Abreu has over a decade of experience in skydiving which involves going around the world, exploring, and teaching people how to skydive. Zemi is not just an expert at skydiving but has a burning passion for the sport which propels his decision to teach others to become professional and expert skydivers.

Zemi, who was born in Lisbon, Portugal, but is originally from the island of Madeira, spent much of his childhood summers exploring this gem of the Atlantic, where his insatiable curiosity led him to develop a passion for all-encompassing sports and environment. Zemi played a wide range of sports as a child, but the ones he loved the most were those that required strength, balance, and mental attention. He won championships in swimming and chess by the time he was 11 years old, and he continued to try new activities while constantly striving for more.

When he was 21 years old, he watched a video of skydivers having a good time and thought, “I have to do this.” He didn’t know anyone involved in the sport, and after trying to persuade all of his friends to go with him to try it, none of them agreed, so he just went alone. His first jump occurred while he was still completing his skydiving course, and he simply loved the sensation of the wind on his body.

Zemi lives in Madrid, Spain but occasionally travels around the world to teach people about skydiving and train them to become better skydivers. He is a certified Veterinarian Doctor, proving his love for nature and his affinity for exploring and learning. Zemi is a competitor and medalist in the dynamic and freestyle indoor disciplines, HD record holder, load organizer in the most significant skydiving events of Europe, and an F.A.I judge for artistic events like free-fly and freestyle indoor and outdoor. He has completed 6000+ jumps and continues to be an inspiration to many while assisting others to venture into skydiving.

For more information about Zemi Abreu’s skydiving and wind tunnel training, please visit http://zemiabreu.com/ or follow him on Instagram @zemi_fly

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