The Basic Knowledge Point Of Hexagonal Flange Face Bolt

December 07 11:16 2022

Hexagonal flange face bolt is a common standard parts, flange bolts are widely used in roads and railroad tunnels, in which also includes industrial and civil construction, lifting equipment, excavators and other heavy machinery and equipment, the application field is very wide. So what is called hexagonal flange bolts? The following Aozhan hardware fastener manufacturers to introduce.

The hexagonal flange face bolt is a standard part consisting of a hexagonal head and flange (the gasket under the hexagon is fixedly connected to the hexagon) and a screw (a cylinder with threads), which is used to fasten two parts with through holes by cooperating with the nut. This type of connection is called a bolt connection. If the nut is screwed off from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection belongs to the disengagement type connection.

Hexagon Flange Face Bolts

Classification of hexagonal flange face bolts

1, hexagonal flange type: hexagonal head mainly has two kinds, one is flat, the other is concave.

2, surface treatment type: for different needs, the surface treatment is white washing, white zinc plating, color zinc plating, etc.

3, flange type: according to the use of hexagonal flange face bolts in different locations, the size of the disk requirements are different, so there are flat bottom flange face bolts and flange face bolts with teeth, flange face bolts with teeth to play a non-slip effect.

4, according to the connection of the form of bearing force, there are ordinary and hinged holes with hinged holes with hexagonal flange bolts to match the hole size, used in the lateral force. In addition, in order to achieve the need for locking during installation, there are holes in the rod, and such holes can make the bolts not loose when subjected to vibration. Some hexagonal flange face bolts do not have threaded light rod to make thin, called thin rod flange bolts, this type of flange bolts to facilitate the connection of variable forces. There are special type of high strength bolts for steel structure project. The top of the head will also be bigger and the size of the specification will be different.

The above is a simple introduction of Aozhan hexagonal flange face bolts, I hope it will be helpful to you. Procurement of hexagonal flange face bolts choose Aozhan hardware bolts products, the choice of stainless steel quality materials, complete specifications, special specifications can be customized, flange face bolts wide range of applications, construction and operation is simple. Can send e-mail: [email protected], get preferential quotes, welcome to consult.

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