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How to ensure the safety of the lift office chair?

How to ensure the safety of the lift office chair?

December 05
12:38 2022

Pneumatic lift chairs are now very common in everyone’s daily work and life. Due to their huge lethality, some netizens call the lift chair a “new murderous artifact”. Whether the lift chair they sit on is safe has become a concern for many people. So let’s take a look at what safety hazards exist in the lift chair? How to effectively avoid it?

One: Tips for judging the safety of lift chairs

Look at the logo

1. The lift chairs of qualified products have national certification marks.

2. Appearance

When regular manufacturers produce air pressure chairs, in order to ensure safety, they usually install a protective steel plate at the connection between the air pressure rod and the seat surface.

3. Listen to the sound

Hit the air pressure rod with a metal object. If the sound is clear and clear, it means that the quality of the lift chair is relatively high; if the sound is dull, you should be vigilant.

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Two: How to use the office chair lift chair correctly?

1. Do not adjust and rotate the lift chair frequently

Many people like to move around or go up and down repeatedly when sitting on a lift chair. This is likely to cause uneven force on the air rod. Over time, the air rod will wear out due to the uneven force, posing a hidden danger of explosion. Don’t sit on the edge of the front end of the chair frequently, so as not to damage the chair by twisting force.

2. Do not disassemble the lift chair at will

Some people think that the gas inside the lift chair is dangerous, so they disassemble it by themselves to release the gas. Don’t follow the tutorials on the Internet that show you how to disassemble and deflate the chair lift by yourself to avoid danger. If repairs are required, seek professional assistance.

3. The office lift swivel chair should be kept away from heat sources, and not close to things that are too hot. High temperature will cause the pressure inside the air rod to rise sharply, causing the office lift swivel chair to explode.

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4. Don’t sit on the lift chair too hard, and don’t often adjust the lifting handle of the lift chair.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance of lift chairs.

If you find that the adjustment is not smooth or there are other abnormal phenomena, it is recommended to suspend use. Check your chair every once in a while. If the lift chair is cracked, loose or shaking, you must repair and replace it in time to avoid tragedy.

If you want to ensure the correct use of the lift office chair, you need to pay attention to the above matters! In order to avoid danger and hurt your own safety.

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