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Prof. John Kester of Uniqconsult Helps Over 500 Students To Academic Greatness

Prof. John Kester of Uniqconsult Helps Over 500 Students To Academic Greatness

November 30
21:44 2022

Passionate educator and founder of Uniqconsult, Prof. John Kester, helps more than 500 Nigerian students across disciplines to study in Russia 

Prof. John Kester has achieved giant strides in impacting the lives of families in Africa, especially Nigeria, as he assists more than 500 students from Nigeria to move abroad and study in Russia through his company, Uniqconsult. Kester was inspired to help students interested in furthering their educational careers being a product of the former Soviet Union.

President Obasanjo was one of Nigeria’s best presidents. He revolutionized communication and mobile phones. He will give you the opportunity to enhance yourself, irrespective of where you come from,” says Kester. 

Prof. Kester returned to his country home and met with former President Obasanjo, whom he had met previously in Atlanta. Obasanjo encouraged Prof. John Kester to stay in Nigeria and continue his work to help the country’s future and the rest they say is history. It has undoubtedly been a rewarding experience for Kester as well as the hundreds of families he has impacted directly and indirectly over the years. 

Prof. John Kester went on to emphasize Obasanjo’s love and passion for Nigeria: “He doesn’t care where you are from. All he wants is capacity, capability, competence – then you’ll be his friend.” He was also able to spread the message nationwide and across Africa, taking his company to inspire state governments across the continent to build a program to help send African students to study abroad. “I asked President Obasanjo if I could speak with the Southern Group of Governors.” 

I spoke with Governor Peter Odili and Donald Duke. When I met with them, I said, I want you to grant scholarships to students. Thanks to this, I was able to train almost 1200 students abroad in nine universities, some in Russia, in the UK, in the US, in Malaysia, and a few in Canada.” – Kester.

Prof. John Kester secured scholarships and helped send over 1200 students to study abroad, keeping in contact with many of them during their studies and even helping them with their lessons. He was their consultant until graduation, and also facilitated their return to Nigeria. Prof. John Kester was so influential in helping these students that an overwhelming number of them used him as their reference when job hunting. Consequently, he got tons of messages from employers reaching out to him via Facebook and jokingly talked about deactivating his handle on the platform. 

Kester has been instrumental in transforming the lives of these students who have gone on to build long-lasting careers in different parts of the world, including the United States, South Africa and across Europe

I’m in contact with about 200 of them, 20 of them are Ph.D. holders, five of them working in the U.S. Department of Defense, some of them are in South Africa, some of them are lecturers in Ghana and in London, so I’m proud of them.”

Many people worldwide have the resources and capability to help students achieve their dreams. Through his company Uniqconsult, Prof. John Kester stuck to it and made the lives of over 1200 people just that much better, something the students will not soon forget.

To learn more about Prof. Kester and his works with Uniqconsult, visit – https://www.uniqconsult.us/

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