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3 Key Technologies of OPGW Optical Cable

3 Key Technologies of OPGW Optical Cable

November 29
20:15 2022

The development of the optical cable industry has gone through decades of trials and hardships, and now it has achieved many world-renowned achievements. The appearance of the OPGW optical cable, which is very popular among customers, highlights another major breakthrough in technological innovation. In the stage of rapid development, the problem of the life of optical cables is mentioned again. How to extend the life of OPGW cables is mainly to pay attention to these three technical points.

1. Material selection and drawing process of optical cable coating

The reasons for the increased loss of functional OPGW optical cables mainly include hydrogen loss, optical cable cracking, and optical cable stress. After practical testing, it was found that after years of use of OPGW optical cables, its mechanical characteristics, connection characteristics, optical characteristics and other microscopic functions have not changed. After scanning The electron microscope found that there were no obvious micro-cracks and other abnormal phenomena in the optical cable. However, the coating situation of OPGW optical cable is not optimistic. The attenuation of optical cable with high modulus, tight coating and large peeling force increases significantly.

2. ointment filling planning

Fiber paste is the oily substance of OPGW optical cable. It is a mixture based on mineral oil or constituent oil, which can block water vapor and buffer the optical cable. The function of fiber paste is evaluated by testing the oxidation induction period of the grease. After the ointment is oxidized, its acid value will increase, which can lead to an increase in hydrogen evolution. After the ointment is oxidized, it will affect the stability of the optical cable structure, resulting in a decrease in stress. In this way, the optical cable will suffer from vibration, impact, tortuosity, temperature difference changes, and topographic and geological changes. When the stress is reached, the buffering effect of the fiber paste on the optical cable is weakened, thereby reducing the safety of the OPGW optical cable. The direct contact between the fiber paste and the optical cable is the most important direct cause of the deterioration of the function of the optical cable. The fiber paste deteriorates slowly with the change of time. Usually, it first gathers into small particles, and then gradually evaporates, differentiates and dries up.

3. loose tube size

The influence of the size of the loose tube on the life of the OPGW cable is more reflected in the induced stress. When the size is too small, the stress on the optical cable cannot be relieved under the factors such as temperature change, mechanical stress, and the interaction between the filler and the optical cable, which in turn accelerates the decline of the life of the OPGW optical cable and causes aging.

The highly anticipated OPGW optical cable often fails due to external factors and some quality problems in the actual use process. In order to prolong the service life, it is necessary to grasp the main technical points. Although the discussion of the problem is more complicated, it is necessary to extend the OPGW optical cable. life is not impossible.

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