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An Immersive Metaverse Platform Company that provides 5G-based Cloud XR Solutions

An Immersive Metaverse Platform Company that provides 5G-based Cloud XR Solutions

November 29
09:31 2022

Metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual space where the social, economic, and cultural activities take place like the real world. It has been getting more attention from people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this trend, CEOs of many high-tech companies speculate that the integration of metaverse to daily lives will be achieved between 2025 and 2030.

Global major metaverse-related organizations say that the core metaverse technologies are XR, AI, and the next generation network to eventually realize Boundless XR. Boundless XR is a metaverse that has overcome the limitations from space, quality, and usability. In other words, metaverse, once such limitations are overcome, will no longer be a mere virtual space but an extended reality

There is, in fact, a company that has already overcome the limitations. The company “Immersivecast” has implemented Boundless XR with its own technologies and services. Immersivecast, which is currently providing immersive services branded “VRaum” such as VRaum Cloud, VRaum Meet, or VRaum Sports, has an eye-catching platform “Cloud XR” that can transfer high quality 3D contents with photo-realistic graphics for immersive experiences to various devices including PCs, mobiles and XR wearables without delay.

The excellence of the technology has also been acknowledged. Immersivecast, a 5G based cloud XR solutions provider, has long been cooperating with Germany’s Deutsche Telekom to test 5G slice and CUG in preparation for commercialization of Cloud VR and was able to verify the excellence of the 5G slice function. Later, Immersivecast conducted interlocking tests with SK Telecom’s MEC Development Team and was able to obtain a zero-latency level result from a certified test. The successful PoCs with major mobile carriers certify the technological excellence of Immersivecast.

It is the Cloud XR Solution where Immersivcast’s technology outstands most. In the past, the VR device itself handled the data processing task which limited operation of high quality contents.

However, with the Cloud XR Solution, the data are processed on the server with high-performance GPUs. The processed data then are transferred to the VR device via wireless network which maintains the top-notch quality while keeping the latency below 10ms for user’s uninterfered immersive experiences. Unlike its competitors which only supports GPUs of certain brands or lacks its own solution, the VRAUM Cloud is Immersivecast’s unique solution that supports all brands of GPU, making it distinguishable in the XR Cloud market. The technology can be used not only in the wired public internet environment but also by companies or organizations with a closed network that requires a communication security.

As VRaum Cloud has provided satisfactory services based on the excellent technologies, there is a high expectation on VRaum Meet which is being released in the Oculus Store in December. VRaum Meet provides virtual space that resembles the real world. This virtual space can be customized to user’s taste or purpose. Immersivecast overcame the limitations of space, quality, and usability on this service. Various work tools such as the file-sharing function, whiteboard, 3D pen, and remote PC are provided on top of the system designed for an easy personnel management. Each individual and team gets a separated storage space for efficient collaborations. These create immersive work environment without having to be physically present at the workplace. VRaum Meet can be accessed via a PC as well as a VR device, allowing an easy and tailored access by the user. Please visit Immersivecast’s website to learn how to access use the service on a PC.

Immersive sports game experience is also possible. Real Tennis is a game applied with the actual laws of physics for immersive experiences which make it enjoyable to everyone. The game can be found in the Oculus Store when searched for by its name. The appearance of the avatar, and the designs of uniform and racquet are customizable. The user can play either against an AI robot or another user on the global muti-playing mode.

Would there be a reason not to utilize metaverse which is no longer a mere virtual space but a universe that connects reality to its beyond? Immersivecast has overcome the limitations with its own metaverse technologies, and for that reason, we cannot help but keep an eye on the company’s future.

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