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Business Growth and Marketing Expert Jillian Mazzariello-Ahee Shares the Importance of Developing a Marketing Plan

Business Growth and Marketing Expert Jillian Mazzariello-Ahee Shares the Importance of Developing a Marketing Plan

November 22
23:21 2022
Even the most impressive products in the world are worthless if customers don’t know about them. An effective business strategy and digital marketing plan are vital to success in today’s business ecosystem, and Jillian Mazzariello-Ahee helps build robust marketing strategies.

Award-winning and certified business growth and marketing expert, Jillian Mazzariello-Ahee, has followed her passion for helping business owners rapidly grow their revenue until she was an authority in her industry. She spent most of her career at the world’s largest agencies working for clients like Toyota, Verizon, and many more. She has also worked directly in house with companies to help grow their marketing efforts. Using her expert knowledge, she’s developed ways to support streamlining of marketing and scaling efforts to improve efficiency and deliver results.

Jillian is also a trained therapist. The additional education, a Masters in Psychology, allows her to delve into the psychology of leadership, marketing, and business growth. Her industry knowledge and insight often enable her to develop business plans and marketing strategies that produce the desired results. 

As an expert in the industry, Jillian utilized her combination of marketing experience and psychology knowledge to grow businesses alongside business owners both at agencies and within companies. 

“A strong business plan can be the difference between successful growth and stagnation,” Jillian says. To stay relevant and build a network of clients and potential customers in the economic ecosystem, a company must have a plan to interact with the public and promote itself. Jillian stressed the importance of a robust business and marketing strategy to engage the target audience and maintain a customer base. 

Marketing strategies for success

The world has been shifting toward the digital landscape for several years. To stay relevant and thrive in the current consumer market, it is vital to establish and maintain a robust online presence. From ensuring contact information is widely published, to building and implementing ad strategies across multiple channels, Jillian knows how to develop the most effective strategies to promote businesses. 

“I have spent my career working with small, medium, and large businesses to create business plans, marketing plans, and ad strategy,” Jillian said. “When I’ve seen business not meet their goals, it is almost always tied to a lack of strategy and a solid marketing plan.”

Growing a valuable skill set

Jillian has spent her career building a spectrum of skills that position her as an expert in the marketing and business growth industry. She works to identify the weaknesses in a business alongside the potential areas where scaling efforts are most likely to be successful. One of her specialties is ascertaining what prevents a company from growing and creating a plan to shift directions. 

Throughout her years of experience, Jillian has streamlined the process of developing a business plan and marketing strategy. Her work often yields exponential growth and long-term beneficial results. 

Leveraging experience for outcomes

Another of Mazzariello-Ahee’s notable skills is optimizing business models to unlock a company’s potential through market research, identifying business strengths and weaknesses, creating business and marketing plans, auditing and establishing social media, advertising accounts, and analytics.


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