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Bright Future Recovery Offers Mental Health Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Bright Future Recovery Offers Mental Health Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

November 22
01:13 2022
Bright Future Recovery Offers Mental Health Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season
Statistics clearly indicate a relationship between the holidays and substance abuse

HOLLISTER, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 21, 2022 – Bright Future Recovery has officially released a list of tips designed to help those vulnerable to substance abuse lapses during the upcoming holiday season.

The holidays are typically a time of jubilation and merriment, but for many, the holiday season is a time of anxiety, stress, and grief. There are a number of factors that contribute to this, but all of these factors tend to coincide with certain triggers. For instance, if someone typically relapses into previous substance abuse trends during the holidays, there could be underlying factors such as PTSD from trauma in the past. Children who are raised in abusive households or adults who experience domestic violence, for example, are at a higher risk for substance abuse and therefore at a higher risk for relapse during the holiday season.

Outside of substance abuse relapse, however, the holidays are problematic for addiction for a number of reasons. The holidays tend to be a time of the year when higher alcohol consumption is observed at family gatherings and work parties. On the other hand, the expense of the holidays can cause a significant level of anxiety and depression. This stress is a direct factor for substance abuse.

With socioeconomic and health history in mind, Bright Future Recovery encourages people everywhere to assess their own risk factors. Their team encourages people to consider how they holidays have impacted their mental health in the past, why this was so, and what they can do to keep a positive mindset this year. Bright Future Recovery recommends surrounding oneself with positive people and activities during the holiday season and avoiding triggers. Caring for one’s own diet and nutrition is also important for supporting a healthy outlook during the holiday season. Frequent exercise can also help promote mental health and avert substance abuse or relapse during the holiday season.

Bright Future Recovery suggests setting routines and sticking with them to help reduce the likelihood of substance abuse during the holidays.

The team at Bright Future Recovery recognizes that substance abuse can happen in any time of the year, but still advise that the holidays are perhaps the hardest time of the year for someone who is in recovery. When sobriety becomes too much or anytime someone feels they need support in their sobriety journey, Bright Future Recovery is there to help. Their expert specialists provide world-class substance abuse recovery services within a fully accredited and leading-edge facility based in Hollister, California.

The biggest piece of advice that the team at Bright Future Recovery can give people is to get help early. “The holidays can be a really difficult time of the year,” said a spokesperson for Bright Future Recovery. “There are things people can do to avoid substance abuse, but if it feels like too much, then get help. We have professionals here who specialize in this, offering around the clock care to people who just need the right kind of support.”

More information can be found at https://www.brightfuturerecovery.com/ .


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