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Swimage Announces Much Needed Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Swimage Announces Much Needed Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Capabilities

November 21
20:37 2022

Naperville, IL – Swimage, the leader in endpoint management solutions, today announced new features to help organizations develop business continuity and operational resilience.

In the light of the following statistics below, business continuity planning (which includes a well-designed disaster recovery plan) is a vital part of any business. Failure to develop a good business continuity plan puts your company and your customers at high risk. This is especially true in today’s highly connected landscape. The risk of malware, ransomware, hacking, or other nefarious activity has never been higher.

  • More than 77% of companies do not have a proper disaster recovery plan in place or do not have the required resources in place to execute.
  • 40% – 60% of businesses never reopen after a disaster
  • 90% of companies claim the disaster had a high impact on their business
  • 54% of companies experience prolonged downtime from a disaster

In an effort to combat the many external risks to the business, organizations have shifted to disaster recovery (DR) alternatives, including virtualization, cloud services, etc. These alternatives fill gaps and reduce overall risk for certain types of business, network, or system catastrophes. However, they do not come without costs, including failover latency, limited business functionality, heavy labor, and unpredictable cost structures.

In short, Swimage directly combats the challenges of traditional and newer DR alternatives.

Whether it’s an on-premise DR solution or virtualized, Swimage is designed to rebuild a single system, a large group, or an entire company in a matter of minutes. Swimage handles this completely zero touch, even if the device is remote. When complete, all functionality is restored. This includes all applications, settings, data, and established security compliance. Once a rebuild is completed, the employee simply continues working as if nothing changed.

According to Kyle Haroldsen, CEO of Swimage, “We’ve seen many companies that are sensitive to business continuity and cybersecurity focus all of their energy on preventative measures.  However, this does not preclude the necessity to also have a disaster recovery solution in place to handle a worst-case catastrophe.  At Swimage, we understand the importance of all aspects of incident response and have created a solution that can help recover an entire organization, even under the most dire circumstances.”

Swimage ensures business continuity and provides what is lacking in other solutions, including the ability to:

  • Trigger a failover quickly
  • Rebuild mass systems in minutes
  • Ensure that the DR process is reliable and always ready
  • Utilize the same process for both office devices and remote devices
  • Immediately enable all business functionality on failover
  • Automate the entire process with minimal labor

For more information visit www.Swimage.com

About Swimage

Swimage has been in business for over 25 years, specializing in end-to-end automation for PC lifecycle processes – including OS migrations, deployments, repairs, continuity, compliance, and health.  Swimage has been deployed on millions of PCs in 85 countries with efficiency, simplicity, and security.  Swimage provides a comprehensive PC recovery solution which completely rebuilds an entire organization’s PCs in minutes. Swimage can ensure business continuity and be a critical piece of disaster recovery plans. With Swimage, you can minimize downtime and recover your entire organization without adding additional IT staff.

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