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Dr. Niteen Dedhia Provides Excellent Retinal Detachment and Macular Degeneration Treatments in Mumbai

Dr. Niteen Dedhia Provides Excellent Retinal Detachment and Macular Degeneration Treatments in Mumbai

November 17
17:54 2022
Dr. Niteen Dedhia Provides Excellent Retinal Detachment and Macular Degeneration Treatments in Mumbai
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Dr. Niteen Dedhia and his team provide retinal detachment and macular degeneration treatment in Mumbai with comprehensive treatment and modern facilities.

Dr. Niteen Dedhia is an ophthalmologist with 35 years of experience. He is an expert in the specialized field of retinal detachment treatment in Mumbai. Retinal Detachment is a condition that happens when the retina detaches from its normal position at the back of the eye, exposing it to underlying blood vessels, scar tissue, and other potentially harmful elements. The retina contains photoreceptors that convert light into nerve impulses that are transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve. When the retina is ripped or torn away from these components, blindness can occur within a few hours of the injury due to fluid or blood leaking into the space between the retina and other tissues.

Treatment for retinal detachment can vary depending on the severity and cause. Depending on the cause, surgery may be necessary to return the retina to its normal position so that vision can be restored. Laser photocoagulation surgery may be performed in which laser energy is used to seal off and destroy small areas of abnormal blood vessels growing in the retina. Vitrectomy surgery is a more invasive procedure in which an incision is made in the eye to remove some of the vitreous humor and repair any retinal tears.

Besides being an expert in retinal detachment treatment, Dr. Niteen Dedhia is also experienced in macular degeneration treatment in Mumbai. Macular degeneration is a condition that causes the central portion of the retina, known as the macula, to deteriorate. The macula is responsible for providing sharp and detailed vision in the center of your field of view. As a result, people with macular degeneration can struggle to see objects clearly when they are directly in front of them or in their central vision.

“I am extremely happy with the treatment my mother received at Dr. Niteen Dedhia’s clinic. My mother had macular degeneration and was losing her vision due to the condition. She is now able to see again and her vision has improved dramatically as a result of the laser treatment that she received here. The staff were very helpful and friendly. They made everything very easy for me as I was traveling from another city. We highly recommend Dr. Niteen Dedhia’s clinic if you are looking for a professional doctor who provides excellent service. ” said Dr. Niteen Dedhia’s patient.

About Dr. Niteen Dedhia

Dr. Niteen Dedhia is a board-certified ophthalmologist and eye specialist In Mumbai with expertise in diagnosing and treating retinal detachment, macular degeneration and other vision disorders. Dr. Dedhia is a fellowship-trained retina specialist who has extensive knowledge of all aspects of eye disease, from cataracts to glaucoma, from diabetic retinopathy to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), from retinal detachments to vitreous hemorrhage. For more information, please visithttps://www.ojaseyehospital.com/.

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