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Don’t Use a 529 Account To Pay For College: Reduce the Cost of College with the Help of Legetty

Don’t Use a 529 Account To Pay For College: Reduce the Cost of College with the Help of Legetty

September 18
03:06 2022
Learn the 3 college funding secrets that can help reduce the cost of college

College comes with a hefty price tag – and paying for it can be one of the biggest expenses a person can have. Unfortunately, most people grew up not learning basic financial strategies that can help them get through huge financial issues like this.

Staying true to its tagline “Leaving a Legacy Through Education and Financial Literacy,” Legetty addresses this gap by teaching families how to save and pay for college without sacrificing retirement. Instead of encouraging the use of a 529 account, Legetty shares its unique process, which includes three college funding secrets to help reduce the cost of college.

With the help of Legetty, one can learn how to:

  1. Maximize free money through merit based scholarships and financial aid provided by schools;
  2. Reduce college loans by taking advantage of government loan discounts and using the right financing strategies; and
  3. Get a college funding refund by saving money at a higher interest rate than it costs to borrow the money. This “positive spread” on one’s earned interest vs. the interest accrued on the loans creates a full refund over time, which can be used for retirement.

Apart from these three secrets, Legetty also shares additional financial strategies for retirement, taxes, mortgage, debt, and insurance – providing bonus savings.

For more information about Legetty and how they can help, schedule a free strategy session with their team through https://www.Legetty.com.

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Legetty offers consultation services to help families support their kids financially through the college years and teach them financial strategies that will leave a legacy for several generations.

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