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Miami-Based Company, FastForward, Is Opening Doors For Latin American Companies In The United States

Miami-Based Company, FastForward, Is Opening Doors For Latin American Companies In The United States

September 16
22:18 2022
FastForward provides all the assistance Latin American companies need to start in the USA. With their help, one of the largest consumer markets in the world can open up for these companies.

 For many international companies, breaking into the United States marketplace is a complex and confusing process. Numerous regulations and licenses are needed, and knowing where to begin can be difficult. Despite the difficulty, this market is one of the largest in the world, and it can be a game changer for a company to break into. 

FastForward is an expert in the American market based in Miami, FL. They’re providing the proverbial key needed to open the door for Latin American companies who aren’t sure where to begin. Their services offer vital guidance and access to everything needed to get a company going in the United States.

From setting up an entity legally in the US to opening a bank account, FastForward can help with all the steps needed to get a company going in the American market. 

Every step of the process

FastForward is there for every step, guiding companies through all the processes they need to complete to be set up for business. They begin with assisting in setting up an LLC. This is a business license required to operate in the United States. 

FastForward will incorporate the company in Miami, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. If additional licenses are needed, dependent on the type of business, this would be the time that those can also be filed for. 

Next, FastForward will obtain an EIN for the company. The EIN is a tax ID that allows a company to file their taxes in the US, open a US-based bank account, and work with their financials in the US. 

This also allows FastForward to take a company through the final step. Now that the company is legally licensed and set up, a bank account can be opened with a debit card useable in the US for company purchases. 

With all of these steps completed, a company has all the tools they need to start working in the US market, opening up new opportunities and a bigger customer base. 


Opening a business in any country is a huge accomplishment and comes with numerous responsibilities and requirements. FastForward can shoulder some of those requirements and responsibilities to help jump-start a company that is new to the US market. 

FastForward is ready to help Latin American companies begin working in the US, helping them expand and reach a larger market. They won’t need to worry about ensuring they meet the legal requirements independently, as FastForward guides them through the process. 

With five-star customer ratings and a dedicated staff that is always ready to answer any questions that may arise, FastForward can provide the support and help a company needs. Latin American companies looking to break into the US market need look no further than FastForward. 

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