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World’s First A.I. Crossword Game Introduced By Guinness World Records Puzzle Master

World’s First A.I. Crossword Game Introduced By Guinness World Records Puzzle Master

September 16
20:07 2022
New A.I. Crossword guides a solver from beginner to Grand Master Solver over time and includes three daily gameshows based solely on the answers from the freshly-solved puzzle.

Indianapolis, Indiana – September 16, 2022 – Puzzle Master Timothy E. Parker is set to revolutionize crossword puzzles in the contemporary era.

The Guinness World Records Puzzle Master has recently launched the world’s first A.I.-powered crossword game that is uniquely designed to solve up to 50% of the puzzle for solvers while learning their solving habits to help them eventually reach Grand Master Solver status. The more you play, the faster you improve.

Simply titled “A.I. Crossword,” the innovative puzzle introduces several never-played-before crossword-solving experiences among daily crossword offerings. Among them is in-game commentary while a player solves the crossword, a reward of “stunnable” facts, and clever comedic video analysis of one’s performance.

Each daily A.I. Crossword, which does not need an app, just a log-in to aicrossword.com from any browser or device, includes three original game shows each day with all answers coming from the freshly solved crossword.

Parker says, “It is an exhilarating and fun crossword experience. Each daily crossword is actually a full entertainment program with five different types of entertainment rolled in one.”

The major feature of A.I. Crossword is surely its innovative solving slider. Players can increase or decrease the slider level to decide how much help they want from the AI-driven smart solver. Built-in algorithms learn how smart the solver is over time and uses that knowledge to strategically increase or decrease daily difficulty levels.  

Players “graduate” to higher and higher levels, the topmost being the mysterious 26th level. There, Parker awards “Grand Master Puzzle Solver” status and makes it official with a hand-signed and numbered certificate of recognition directly from Parker himself. 

The A.I. Crossword features a vast and versatile range of crosswords, including sports, music, tournament, ultra-beginner, and others. Parker promises all puzzles are strictly family-friendly, non-woke, and non-political. 

“Combining 26 years of crossword experience with my TV producing skills, along with all the wonderful advice I received working with Legendary TV producer Merv Griffin who created ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ I’ve turned every single daily crossword into a complete entertainment vehicle. It’s the best crossword-solving, game-playing experience on Earth”, stated the iconic puzzle master while speaking about his latest breakthrough creation.

Innovative features of the A.I. Crossword – 

Single Point – Player will earn 1 point toward higher levels for every “correct” letter entered into any of the crossword puzzle offerings. 

Double Point – Player will earn double points for solving tough clues which are designated with an asterisk. 

Triple Point – Player will earn triple points for solving the puzzle’s toughest clues which are designated with 2 asterisk marks. 

Bonus Points – Players will be rewarded with bonus points for each correct word solved.

Sponsored Tournament – Players will be able to participate in upcoming sponsored crossword tournaments with over $100,000 in prizes and “Crossword Champion” status. 

Crowns – There are 26 levels in the crossword series. Solvers will earn a special and distinct “crown” upon reaching each level. 

Certificate – Players will be rewarded with an exclusive signed “Grand Master Puzzle Solver” certificate from Guinness World Records Puzzle Master himself. Parker says this “framed certificate would tell your friends you’re a genius without you uttering a word.” 

Print Games – All crosswords are printable, but members will also receive 40 printable games, including Sudoku, trivia, word search and others, very single week, developed by the puzzle maverick himself. 

The crossword website features a highly responsive design which can be stretched or formed to fit any device. The mobile version, accessible by using any browser to aicrossword.com, has a special design for easy solving even if you have “big fingers.” Players on mobile can easily flip from full view to just a few clues at a time for convenience.

Players do not need to download any kind of app, whether they want to play from desktop, tablet or mobile.

The FIRSTS in A.I. Crossword –

Another thing that keeps Parker’s latest crossword ahead of the curve is its bunch of innovative aspects that are found nowhere. The many firsts of A.I. Crossword include-

  • First crossword puzzle in the world with A.I.- powered smart solver
  • World’s first A.I. Crossword that is uniquely designed to learn the strengths and weaknesses of every player, and help him/her to gradually reach the highest solving levels
  • First crossword to offer double and triple point bonuses for solving the hardest clues.
  • World’s first crossword with an in-game progress bar to show the progress meter of the player
  • First daily crossword in the world that comes with running commentary
  • First crossword in the world to feature a riddle as a title with the answer among the solved words 
  • World’s first crossword to feature three distinct game shows, “MemWin,” “Think Outside the Box,” and “You, on a Game Show.” The answers for all three daily game shows come from the answers in the solved crossword

Parker offers the game to all affiliates absolutely free with full profit-sharing which can be checked in real-time.

A living legend in the world of crossword puzzles, Timothy E. Parker is an award-winning crossword veteran with over 26 years of illustrious experience in the crossword industry. The Guinness World Records Puzzle Master is the founder of several elite crossword franchises, including the likes of Universal Crossword, Puzzle Society, Family Time Crossword, and so on. In fact, he holds the crown of being the FIRST-ever African American to run a major crossword syndicate, and the only crossword editor of any stripe to successfully run two major puzzle syndicates at the same time- USA Today Crossword (13 years) and Universal Crossword (21 years). Parker was also the pioneer of the world’s first online digital newspaper crosswords that he created back in 1996 for CNN, CBS, Disney and others.

For more information and to play a free sample, visit https://aicrossword.com  

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