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GEONFINO Keyless Entry Door Makes Life Easier

GEONFINO Keyless Entry Door Makes Life Easier

September 15
23:30 2022

Have you come across the situation where you reminded yourself to bring keys repeatedly when you go out but you were still locked outdoors? Do you worry about the security of traditional door locks? Replacing your door lock with a smart one can make life easier with connectivity and efficiency. GEONFINO is one of the hottest smart lock brands on the market, GEONFINO fingerprint keyless entry door lock has many advanced features, which can bring lots of conveniences compared to the traditional door locks.


Fingerprint Entry – Use your fingerprint, you can open the door in an instant. The smart deadbolt door lock can recognize your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds. In addition to fingerprint, this keyless door lock also provides TTLOCK APP, IC card, passcode, and mechanical key. You can choose the unlock ways you like.


Easy to Install – Just with a screwdriver, following the instructions or video, you can install this GEONFINO keyless door lock easily. This Lock has a long battery life (about 12 months).

High Quality & Security – GEONFINO fingerprint keyless entry door lock adopts an in-line structure design, with a high-security level lock cylinder in case of violent unlocking and hacking. In addition, the virtual password design prevents the password from being snooped. Its deadbolt smart lock also has a variety of abnormal and timely alarm functions to truly protect the safety of the family.


Control via Bluetooth & APP – GEONFINO keyless door lock can be controlled via Bluetooth for quick and secure unlocking. With the TTLock APP, you can generate remote passwords for guests, friends, and tenants. This is thrilling because your friends don’t need to wait outside the door when you are not at home. You can also view the unlocking records in real-time through the APP.

Remotely Share Ekey & Auto Lock – This keyless door lock is a great choice for Airbnb hosts, rental property management, and self-housing resident. You just generate a passcode remotely and share it with your visitors or friends, they can enter the house.

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