San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Musts To Prolong A Floors Life in Hot Texas

September 15 23:06 2022
San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Musts To Prolong A Floors Life in Hot Texas

San Antonio TX Carpet Cleaning
San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Musts To Prolong A Floors Life in Hot Texas

San Antonio TX , Carpet flooring has a life span of 5-15 years however with proper care you can Stay Fresh and keep that lifespan  extended by carpet steaming or this can also include regular vacuuming, extraction of past liquid or dust, and stain removal are necessary using the appropriate products. Steam cleaning and dry chemical cleaning can be a major advantage as they are easier on the lifespan of the pad under the carpet floor.San Antonio Commercial Flooring ServicesIt goes without saying that replacing commercial floors is an expensive process that also delays normal business activities such as commerce.

San Antonio tile and grout along with carpet services including  Vinyl flooring that has a life span of 20 years but that lifespan can be extended by Vinyl Floors have some advantages to laminate floors, vinyl is not easily damaged by water, and most vinyl floors can be buffed, even stripped, and or waxed to prolong the lifespan of the product

 The cost savings on maintenance, preventive treatments, repairs, and cleaning services can better be realized through the lens of supply chain shortages, inflation, and increased cost of contractor services. Many homeowners and commercial property owners are turning to cost-abating strategies to help their floors go the extra mile.

Cleaning services have seen an increase in demand post covid due to growing consensus like those posted in guidelines posted by the CDC  showing that cleaning and disinfection can reduce bacterial and viral loads within a dwelling promoting better health and safety. Because of this change in attitude, the cost benefits of cleaning and maintenance have seen a greater interest in assisting in prolonging products beyond their normal expiration dates.

The upholstry and carpet cleaning that Stay Fresh delivers helps with prolonging floors the way they are found when they where installed. This is why a business would benefit from avoiding the replacement of its floors prematurely. A Proper cleaning and maintenance routine and proactively repairing small issues that could shorten the lifespan of floors.San Antonio Tiles and Grout Cleaning ServicesTile has a lifespan of about 20+ years but with the correct tile and grout, even 30-50 years is achievable. By vacuuming and sweeping tiles and ground it is possible to reduce abrasion and stains to the tile as well as grout. Chemical products, polishers, and buffers can be used to improve the look and reduce stains thus increasing life span

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