Wholesale marketplace, GoBiz USA, gives rise to revolutionary B2B wholesale purchasing experience with enterprise-level tools.

September 14 07:51 2022
GoBiz USA uses customer data to curate a customized shopping experience while giving vendors an equitable marketplace to offer their goods.

GoBiz USA, a globally-driven, US-based business resource and marketplace designed to help the new business owner navigate, structure, and scale their businesses, recently launched its online wholesale marketplace to expand opportunities to both business owners and vendors. Organizations now have access to carefully curated selections of wholesale goods to grow their businesses, while vendors can enjoy a fair marketplace that offers non-competing products for a healthy environment. 

GoBiz USA leverages a membership model for businesses looking to purchase wholesale goods. Members gain access to a robust product portfolio that includes home and garden goods, shipping supplies, sporting goods, apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, and bulk goods. Advantages to a GoBiz USA  membership include net 30 terms; wholesale pricing on all goods; products available in single units, packs, cases, pallets, and truckloads; 4% cashback on all GoBiz USA purchases; and free shipping on orders over $50.

Once a company signs up to be a member of the GoBiz USA community, GoBiz USA leverages machine learning to curate a customized shopping experience based on the details collected on the partner’s membership application and recommends products and services that are a good fit for their needs. 

As GoBiz USA grows, the team seeks to expand its portfolio beyond products and into the service and technology sectors by offering a wide array of business-focused services, software, templates, and educational content.

On the vendor side, GoBiz USA aims to reimagine the way that today’s marketplaces function. Instead of creating a race to the bottom where vendors are constantly asked to slash prices, and only those with the lowest prices survive, creating an unsustainable business model for vendors, GoBiz USA creates a healthy marketplace that encourages competition between vendors. 

“We have entered an age where customers expect their specific needs to be met,” said Cameron Rose, President, and Chief Marketing Officer at GoBiz USA. “To fulfill this need for the customer, we have created a modular front-end marketplace system that can grow and adapt as the economy, supply, and demand shifts, ensuring that we have healthy competition between vendors and a painless purchasing process our customers can rely on.”

To learn more about GoBiz USAand shop it’s selection of wholesale goods, visit www.gobizusa.com.

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