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Economic Sanctions are restricting Iranian’s access to Modern Human Rights.

Economic Sanctions are restricting Iranian’s access to Modern Human Rights.

September 12
12:28 2022
Economic Sanctions are restricting Iranian’s access to Modern Human Rights.
Saeed Souzangar
The use of unilateral sanctions, secondary sanctions and over-compliance has had an overall adverse effect on the broad spectrum of human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights in Iran, including the right to life and the right to development. Help us to restore these modern human rights by spreading the word.

Saeed Souzangar wants the world to know that Iran is not North Korea.

It is difficult, if not impossible to participate fully in today’s world without open, uncensored access to the internet and authentic and authorized software and applications. The limitations of access to formal trade, payment and delivery channels due to sanctions-related restrictions is a cause of the reported prolific rise in counterfeit software. As increasingly authorized and authentic access is required to win and perform jobs, gather news, receive education, connect with health-care systems and engage in basic financial services in most of the world this right is being denied to Iranians.

Sanctions hurt Financial Freedom

The proliferation of counterfeit software and the lack of authentic software applications have caused disruptions in processing payments and foreign businesses’ refusal to accept foreign currency guarantees issued by Iranian banks due to sanctions have seriously affected Iran’s engagement in international partnerships for such projects, including the development and modernization of industries, power plants and electrical grids, water supply system, public transportation and the network of roads, educational and health facilities.

Sanctions seriously impact the daily lives of Iranians

Hydropower, irrigation and water supply projects have been suspended due to unilateral sanctions limiting the use of authentic software and collaboration with Western Software Companies and have made it extremely difficult to attract investments and new technologies for necessary upgrades in key industrial sectors, such as oil refineries, gas fields, power plants, pipelines and power grids, with serious adverse effects on the daily lives of people and heightened risks for serious environmental hazards. Similar concerns have been raised in the development and maintenance of land and air transport infrastructure.

Saeed Souzangar wants the world to pay due attention to the impact of unilateral coercive measures while examining the situation in Iran. He also wants all sanctions removed especially all restrictions on software applications that affect trade, financial payments and delivery of food, medicines and medical equipment, water, sanitation, communication and transportation, spare parts, seeds, fertilizers as well as goods and services for the maintenance and development of critical infrastructure, which are essential for the enjoyment of human rights by Iranians.

Software Restrictions Limit Promotional Opportunities

The major impacted groups of fake applications are small and medium private companies and budding entrepreneurs. These fake software and ransomware obstruct the small- and medium-scale businesses or groups from reaching international audiences.

Of particular concern is the unavailability, due to trade and financial restrictions, of new software applications and technologies, hardware and spare parts for the maintenance and upgrade of the country’s critical infrastructure, with a devastating impact on the lives of Iranians and with heightened environmental risks.

Saeed Souzangar is vigilant in wanting modern human rights of unrestricted access to authentic software applications to be accessible by all Iranians. He believes that no government has the right to restrict these rights through unilateral sanctions, secondary sanctions and over-compliance which have prevented the Iranian Private Sector from investing resources to develop and maintain essential infrastructure including hospitals, schools, agriculture, housing, energy and electricity infrastructure, roads, civil aviation, commercial ships and many others, and to maintain the necessary level of readiness for natural disaster response and recovery.

Help Iranians regain their modern human right of unrestricted and open access to authentic software applications by spreading the word.

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