Renowned Self-Made Entrepreneur Frank Orosa, Owner of OrosaMedia, Talks About How Desperation Breeds Opportunity

September 08 01:54 2022
According to self-made business owner Frank Orosa, desperation can be a good thing because it serves as a trigger that can drive focus and push for action that an individual would never take in normal times.

Self-made entrepreneur Frank Orosa, the man behind the leading firm OrosaMedia, continues to make waves in the global industry as an investor, business owner, and podcast host. He now shares an important lesson in life and business that can help others on their journey to success.

Frank believes desperation breeds opportunity, as it pushes people to create something innovative or look into solutions to big problems that come their way. 

“It is actually an extremely powerful influence that turns things that might work into things that must work. The difference between might and must pave the way for many business owners to make inroads in their niche,” says Frank.

While great ventures begin from small beginnings, Frank says it is desperation that pushes people to step into some extraordinary action to do something they have never done before.

“That’s a wonderful and powerful thing – being able to tap into the unknown. Being limitless while at the same time knowing what you want, whether in your career, or finance, or business,” says Frank.

For Frank, two of the most vital factors when tapping into success in each aspect of life are drive and determination. Frank says determination is about staying laser-focused on a goal, while an individual with the drive to succeed in life puts so much effort into achieving those goals.

However, Frank cited the need to stay grounded in life and business, which helps individuals become alert while being humble when opportunities come their way.

“Keeping yourself grounded is an important self-check and a rewarding work ethic. It allows us to make the proper decisions in various moments in our lives and helps us feel confident as we navigate and wade through the changes in life and business,” says Frank. 

For the past 15 years, OrosaMedia has helped individuals create fantastic careers and helped so many people achieve their personal and business goals. Through its media, the process is created to empower and enrich people with time-saving tools needed to succeed. 

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