Minneapolis-Based Edvantage Business Institute Teaches the Art of Building Generational Wealth

September 06 18:51 2022
Edvantage Business Institute offers a tax lien investing class that has been helping people secure land all over the country for pennies on a dollar. The unique training program teaches you how to build and scale your business.

Minneapolis, MN, USA – Edvantage Business Institute, based out of Minneapolis, MN, offers an innovative training program that is helping people build generational wealth. The unique program is intended to help participants learn the secrets of tax lien investing and acquire properties all over the country at incredible prices.

“We are thrilled to share our flagship training program called Twine’s Tax Lien Investing Secrets. The program focuses on teaching unique wealth-generating concepts that will help participants create sources of passive income,” says Y. Demetris English, Founder of Edvantage Business Institute. “We teach powerful strategies to break through self-imposed barriers that prevent people from reaching their full earning potential.  Aware of the challenges of creating revenue in the real estate industry, the program is designed to ensure that participants are set up for accelerated successful development.”

Y. Demetris English is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. He offers various courses to help people learn the intricacies of managing their financial portfolio, generating passive income, and growing their wealth.

According to Demetris investing in property tax liens can be a rewarding opportunity for investors who are familiar with the real estate market.

Sharing details about the benefits of the training program, Demetris said, “Tax lien investing can give your portfolio exposure to real estate – all without having to actually own property. Unlike traditional real estate investments, tax liens offer easy access to potential investments. Unlike buying a house, where you would need to look for a specific area of town, tax liens are often located throughout cities and towns across the country. Because of the ease of finding a tax lien, tax lien investors can find their investment much easier than buying a house.”

Twine’s Tax Lien Investing Secrets is one of the most comprehensive courses and is being offered at an affordable price. In addition to the various strategies, the course also covers the legal and financial pitfalls, which is extremely valuable for investors. The program has been designed by Demetris who brings several years of experience in the industry. Participants will acquire a new mindset, skills, and strategies to maximize their profits in this niche.

Those who prefer to work independently can choose the self-paced learning option. This recorded video course provides access to the entire content, library, and resource. Participants can work through the material at their own pace and set their own schedules.

“You only need to be a creative entrepreneur with determination and must be interested in the real estate industry. Tax liens are the perfect way to build wealth if you have the right attitude,” Demetris adds. “Do not follow the trends; instead, become the game changer. Learn new skills and make your own unique path to earn a sustainable income.”

About Edvantage Business Institute

Edvantage Business Institute offers customized online education for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to start and scale a business. They focus on the transformative power of financial education to help the participants make sustainable passive income. Distinct from traditional methods of teaching and education, Edvantage Business Institute teaches people how to take charge of their own lives and achieve success without being constrained by geography or time.

To learn more about the training program and inquire about enrollment options, please visit www.edvantagebusinessinstitute.com

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