Coldtainer’s Refrigerated Containers Are A Cost Effective Substitute to a Refrigerated Van or Truck

  • PublishedAugust 17, 2022
Coldtainer portable refrigerated and heated containers are a cost effective alternative to a customized and dedicated refrigerated van conversion.

A wide range of industries in the supply chain rely on refrigerated vehicles for their business operations.  Refrigerated vehicles are a critical solution to ensure the right temperature during transport and maintaining the safety, integrity and regulatory compliance of temperature sensitive goods.  

There are now cost effective alternatives to refrigerated vans that use dry commercial vehicles with autonomous portable refrigerated or heated containers in various configurations to create single or multiple temperature zones.  These industrial-grade portable units allow flexibility for mixed loads and reduce the need for dedicated refrigerated fleet vehicles which can be expensive to run when the market changes or slows down. 

Refrigerated van conversions

Depending on your business and delivery requirements, upfitting a van with a refrigerated conversion kit creates a robust and dedicated refrigerated transport vehicle.  After selecting the right size commercial van, installing an insulated van liner that is custom fit for the cargo area is the next step.  Finally, mounted into the roof of the van is an external refrigeration unit that comes with an internal evaporator.  The type of load you’re carrying, the external climate fluctuations and the number of door openings in a delivery day all influence the size and performance of the van’s reefer unit. 

Once fully upfitted, these vehicles offer excellent refrigerated transport performance, however they have a higher capital expense and require ongoing maintenance to ensure delivery uptime.  The lead-time needed to design, order and build a complete refrigerated van conversion can range depending on equipment availability which could impact operations and expected revenue. 

Coldtainer refrigerated and heated portable containers

Coldtainer’s refrigerated and heated self-contained insulated containers offer several advantages over dedicated refrigerated van conversions.  Portable, easy to load and ready to work immediately, they make a flexible and cost effective alternative. Coldtainer units provide significant savings for the food transport industry.

Ranging in cargo capacities of 22litres up to 915litres, a Coldtainer solution can cost much less than a refrigerated van conversion.  Easy to use and configurable for any mobile or van delivery fleet, Coldtainer portable containers provide all the benefits of precise temperature control.  Coldtainers can be easily moved in and out of any vehicle as required.  Since they plug directly into the vehicle’s 12V electrical system, run autonomously using an onboard rechargeable battery or plug directly into a 120V A/C power source, there is no need to tamper with the integrity of the delivery vehicle itself.  Depending on the mix of cargo and the thermal sensitivity of the goods being transported, these portable containers can be combined in a single vehicle to offer a range of temperatures that instantly creates a multi temperature delivery solution. 


Developing solutions that improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and decongest urban areas is top of mind and larger cities are mandating these environmental policies for urban delivery.  While traditional refrigerated truck and van solutions have become more environmentally friendly over the years, they offer less flexibility for mixed loads and the costs needed to operate and maintain them puts pressure on the bottom line.

Designed to handle virtually any industry and any cargo requirement, Coldtainer portable refrigerated and heated containers are eco friendly and are easy to load and unload. Using 12V vehicle power, autonomous on board rechargeable batteries or 120V A/C shore power, they can be quickly combined, rearranged and moved around from one vehicle to another – as needed.  Coldtainers are the ideal solution to expand the cargo carrying potential of an existing delivery fleet, and the perfect solution for electric delivery trucks, vans or small personal vehicles.

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