Marsverse: a world of opportunity for everybody

  • PublishedAugust 17, 2022

The P2E explosion occurred in 2021, with a revenue market of $200 billion, 3 billion users, and a very appealing gimmick. The once-popular Defi economic model was used to introduce the metaverse, which is where all of nature can be seen.

However, market validation has revealed too many issues with Defi, GameFi, and P2E. The reason being, it’s impossible for a project to succeed if it relies on just one kind of token. So, the Marsverse team is planning the metaverse from many different angles, such as the user-generated content platform, the NFT market, gameFi, financial assets, community, and so on.

UGC Platform

Marsverse pioneers are the engine that drives the construction of Mars, just as the UGC platform cannot exist without users. We plan to build a decentralized Martian settlement and user interface in the expectation that early pioneers of the Marsverse will benefit economically and socially from the use of $MT. They stand in for all those whose dreams have yet to be realized, but we will give them a leg up in the Marsverse.

NFT Market

The Marsverse not only provides its users with a variety of scenarios, but will also give them a variety of ways to make money. In the second half of 2021, NFT took over the market from Defi 1.0, mastering the mainstream Web3 trading market, but this will never change. The others are just different forms of expression. but keeps its decentralized nature. All those other words mean exactly the same thing. The Mars Ape NFT offered by Marsverse requires no whitelist, has no convoluted procedure, and can be executed as quickly and easily as reserving an office through the company’s website (booking-snatch-hold-sell-gain). Marsverse’s goal is to give the user holding $MT the ultimate autonomy to choose whether or not to keep the asset.


The early GameFi project basically adopts a dual coin system of consuming tokens + governance tokens, thus using its own leverage to make money effects to attract enough asset pledges to anchor its own air coin to value ratio and profit in trading and rotation, thus constantly maintaining its own game content. The game scenario in Marsverse is both a purely competitive racing competition, a team-grabbing equipment asset event, and a virtual reality combined with VR/AR games and quiz games. We hope to create a multifunctional platform consisting of games, but it will be more than just games.

Financial Assets

However, the financial changes and impact of Metaverse as a new digital technology are substantial. They’re not just Defi’s problems. Metaverse is a highly technical tool, and as such, its implementation is professional. Therefore, Marsverse has developed Mars Master, whose main function is to guide users to reasonably allocate $MT, actively participate in the autonomous community, and earn more income, using metaverse technology to empower the scene. To successfully bring into play the potent functions of the metaverse, many different approaches must be taken, including technology, products, risk, and the system as a whole.

We have seen NFT summer, DeFi, and GameFi, which may be an unhealthy but normal orgy, and finally, towards a truly meaningful exploration, the immature DAO at this stage may become a new type of organizational framework to discover new mechanisms of Web3. In the short term, the larger market wave will continue to affect the economies of each game, and what Marsverse is doing is a good step in that direction.

The Marsverse team is pleased to announce that the node recruitment program will kick off on August 16, 2022, and that the game, which has been in development for 18 months, is expected to go live at the end of September.

Let’s witness the rise of the Marsverse together.

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