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StarCard Sports Games soccer NFT collection sells out again in minutes on the ARC NFT Marketplace

StarCard Sports Games soccer NFT collection sells out again in minutes on the ARC NFT Marketplace

August 13
01:00 2022

StarCard Sports Games launched and sold out the second mint of the Palla Diamond Radar Soccer Ball NFT collection in minutes, on the ARC NFT marketplace.

“This exciting cooperation flows beyond NFTs and will leverage the ARC’s proprietary Reactor technology, which reduces cost, time, and energy consumption of any Web3 development by more than 10x.” — Steve Schechter, CEO of StarCard Sport Games

Starcard Sport Games limited range of NFTs sold out again today on the ARC NFT marketplace at a 50% higher a price than the first mint 2 weeks prior.

The first drop of NFTs sold for 1 $ETH to 1.5 $ETH, and despite the immense increase in the value of the Ethereum cryptocurrency since then, today’s NFT mint sold out for 1.5 $ETH to $2.25 $ETH per NFT.

This led to over 41 $ETH of volume of NFTs sold in that collection alone on the ARC NFT Marketplace within minutes.

Only 100 Palla Diamond Radar Balls exist, 22 of which have already been sold. The Ball NFTs offer a myriad of in-game benefits and APY boosters to the upcoming $SCSG DeFi farms as well as the opportunity to meet soccer legends Roberto Carlos and Ashley Cole in-person in London.

Each of the Palla Diamond Radar Balls NFTs offer several benefits to the owners, including:

– Attend a Meet & Greet with the soccer legends such as Roberto Carlos and Ashley Cole in London

– Attending the StarCard Sports Games’ ‘New World Football Alliance’ photoshoot with legends

– $300 travel credit voucher

– One hotel room for two nights in London (4-5 star hotel included)

– Attending a cocktail party (food and drinks included)

– premium ticket to an English Premier League soccer match

– Palla merchandise including an Authentic Palla Aurora soccer jersey, fan shirt, scarf, beanie, and Palla Diamond Radar Ball ($275 value)

– Automatic raffle entry for additional prizes

– 10% stackable boosted APY for staked SCSG

– 20% discount on all Palla products

– 20 point increase of shooting accuracy in New World Football Alliance

Entry into drawing with 10% chance of winning an Aurora City Council member NFT. This NFT gives the holder:

– Key to the city NFT which enables significantly enhanced teleportation capabilities in game

– Premium Seat in SCSG Stadium (NFT) which gives the owner a stream of income whenever their seat is sold for live concerts and events happening in the stadium

– Free full Stamina/Energy for life in game (no need to top up. Stamina just stays at 100%)

– Special glow for avatar to flex in New World as a City Council member

– Starcard Sport Games have also launched a limited range of Palla Scarves at an attractive price of only 0.05 $ETH and provide a stackable APY booster of 2.5% for $SCSG upcoming DeFi farms amongst other benefits.

The ARC NFT marketplace offers its partners an exciting array of features, including lazy minting. Lazy minting benefits the project or creator as minting only takes place when an NFT sale occurs. This means that gas fees are charged to the user only at that point in time. These kinds of advantages put the creators and users first, and reduce several barriers to entry such as steep up-front NFT minting costs.

ARC’s NFT marketplace also only charges 1% fees, approximately 50% less than the industry standard, and shares half the revenue generated with anyone staking $ARC tokens.

The $ARC token stakers benefit from partner token and NFT airdrops or any other forms of partnership revenues realized by ARC. In 2022, $ARC token holders received a significant airdrop of 5 million $SCSG tokens.

ARC CEO TJ Dunham shares:

“SCSG is the perfect partner to launch our marketplace with. They’re at the forefront of GameFi and our partnership represents the ideal go-to-market strategy. Our collaboration goes well beyond NFT sales. We’re synergizing to give all of their NFT’s real utility, to create farms and other important contracts for their ecosystem, and to educate millions of kids and young adults about DeFi through the StarCards metaverse over the next few years.”

In early 2022, StarCard Sports Games’s CEO Steve Schechter, announced a significant partnership between StarCard Sports Games and ARC, that extends beyond the initial NFT launch on which occurred on 22 July 2022.

About ARC:

ARC’s mission is to allow anyone from anywhere to trade all CEX’s, DEX’s, NFT marketplaces, and blockchains in one place, within 3 clicks.

To date over 150 swap protocols have already integrated across 4 chains. ARC offers the cheapest ETH swap on the market, some of the top exchanges, BNB Chain, ETH, Optimism, and Polygon integration, and farms already live on the platform.

Recently ARC released its cooperative NFT marketplace which partners with innovative features for creators and projects to reduce costs and co-market launches.

In 2022, ARC will release the ARC Reactor and DRAGN, proprietary tools that empower brands, projects and developers to launch WEB3.0 smart contracts and dAPPS at a fraction of the time, cost and environmental impact with zero code required. This technology sits at the heart of all ARC future technological releases.

This comprehensive approach will give the market access to unified liquidity, instantaneous programming, and perfectly transmissible smart contract information across all chains

At the center of our product is the $ARC governance and utility token. Staking $ARC gives users benefits ranging from:

– early access to new products and releases

– 50% revenue sharing across all features from swaps to the NFT marketplace

– a future say in governance

– Airdrops from us and our partners (recently $ARC stakers were showered with $SCSG tokens)

Purchase $ARC tokens on the ARC Swap today.

About StarCard Sports Games:

SCSG is the first of its kind social impact play-to-earn gaming platform, that bridges the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels and their digital avatars.

It is a data-driven platform that brings real-world data from the players’ human performances into RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games.

StarCard Sports Games are building a scalable robust digital economy that allows players and investors to earn while having fun. This is done while raising awareness about and driving revenue to some of the world’s leading environmental non profit organizations.

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