Whitney Johns Revolutionizes Health & Wellness with Brain Activate Gel

  • PublishedAugust 11, 2022
Whitney Johns Revolutionizes Health & Wellness with Brain Activate Gel

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Fitness expert and coach Whitney Johns, founder of Whitney Johns Nutrition, has created a gel-based focus, cognition, and memory nutrition solution called Brain Activate Gel that increases brain activation by 46 percent. A one-of-a-kind product that health buffs can take on the go, Brain Activate Gel improves focus, mood, memory, cognition and brain health.

The idea for her product line and programs arrived to Whitney after realizing that she had a crucial role in the industry nationally and internationally. She noted how there was not enough emphasis on holistic health as an approach to achieving better bodies in the world of wellness. “I wanted to come up with a different approach,” the fitness expert explains. “Yes, we’re still dieting, we’re still working out, we’re still in a calorie deficit, we’re still interested in fat loss, but also prioritizing our holistic health.”

Whitney experienced severe headaches, chronic discomfort, mental health problems, and digestive disorders as a child. She became so frustrated with constantly feeling bad that she decided to take matters into her own hands and search for a solution. To identify the root of her problems, she self-tested and conducted years of study for possible cures. It soon became apparent to her that in order to restore her health, she had to adopt a diet and lifestyle that would enhance both her inner and exterior health.

Unfortunately, being an impressionable newcomer to the industry, she bought into many unhealthy and extreme practices that the fitness industry advocates, even after obtaining her IFBB Pro Card and becoming a professional bodybuilder.

“I paid the price for it, and once again, I had to claw my way back from the damage that these unhealthy habits created for me—mentally, physically, and hormonally,” she said regretfully.

After she had healed enough, Whitney made a commitment to teach as many people as possible the proper methods for beginning their fitness and health journeys and to disseminate the tools that enabled her to completely transform her life.

With the help of scientists, chemists, and meticulous research, Whitney created Brain Activate Gel, made with C8 MCTs, naturally-sourced spearmint, marigold, and lutein to sustain mental energy and focus during the day without disrupting sleep at night. To back her claim, she conducted clinical studies and user trials using EEG brain scan images, which showed an astounding 46 percent increase in brain activation after consuming Brain Activate Gel that lasted up to eight hours and even longer.

Accordingly, Whitney and her team developed Whitney Johns Nutrition to nourish the body long-term without destroying hormone and metabolism balance. This new approach has created a whole movement across the industry and provides more than band-aid solutions for people’s weight loss or fitness tracking. 

In addition, she also created Active, which helps improve nitric oxide production and blood flow, consequently developing one’s physical performance, endurance, and weight management. Her company also developed Women’s Hormone Support, which promotes hormone balance, improves mood, and even increases libido.

Whitney’s products are used by holistic health and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. She continues her mission to provide people with proven health products that deliver results without debilitating side effects.

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