3 Steps To Become A Profitable Coach and Step Into Brave Abundance

  • PublishedAugust 8, 2022

Kari Olson wasn’t always a successful business coach, as a matter of fact, a few years ago she was a single mom who was struggling financially. Kari had been battling cancer and came home one day to find her then-husband on the porch with his bag packed. He told her that he was leaving and he left her with her children to care for alone.

While Kari ended up working several jobs, she still had to sit down and tell her daughters that she was not going to be able to pay for afterschool activities for them. Immediately afterward, she ran to the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and let the tears of pain, struggle, and feelings of inadequacy fall down her cheeks.

Then she heard a knock on the door and her daughter entered the room wearing her pink leopard-spotted pajamas with a suitcase in tow. Her daughter opened up the suitcase revealing her trinkets, toys, and treasures, and said, ‘It’s ok Mommy, we are going to be ok, we can sell these.’

Kari went on to financially grow to the point she was able to quit all of her jobs, scale to 6 figures, and not only pay for her daughter’s afterschool programs but also take them on sandy beach vacations.

Kari shares with you the three secrets she used to transform her life. These steps are helping women nationwide to walk into their bravery, abundance, and a life of financial freedom.

Step #1) Heal Your Heart

Kari encourages women to seek out emotional and spiritual healing. As the heart heals, the business grows. In particular, Kari found ‘Sozo’ prayer as a powerful form of healing for herself. Sozo prayer is a prayer that invites God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to rewire your memories and show you the presence of unconditional love. Kari offers Sozo prayer sessions integrated in with her program.

Step #2) Create Your Own Signature Program

Kari believes that every Christian woman is called to impact others and has a signature program inside of themselves. She helps women to package up their offers so that they can charge high-ticket premium prices and help those they serve experience real transformation.

Step #3) Get A Mentor

Kari’s journey to where she is at today was not a journey that she walked alone. Kari has hired several business mentors and coaches on her journey. Kari attributes her success to her ability to believe in herself and to invest both her time and money into growing as a businesswoman. Having a mentor will help you step out of fear and into bravery, out of lack and into abundance

If you are ready to start your first business or take your business to the next, Kari is ready to help you take the steps you need to succeed. 

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