MetFX Watch-2-Earn Announces Corporate Partnership with SafeMoon

  • PublishedJuly 28, 2022

MetFX ($MFX), the first watch-to-earn global platform that taps into the strength and the value of content, announces a significant partnership with SafeMoon in which the project will be listed for trade on SafeMoon Swap. 

Through this new corporate partnership, MetFX will be able to connect the MoonSafe community with its watch-2-earn metaverse, assuring maximum exposure for the MetFX ecosystem and expanding engagement opportunities with investors. This relationship will also allow SafeMoon to run ads on the MetFX ecosystem.

SafeMoon partners with MetFX

“This partnership between Safemoon and MetFX represents a huge opportunity for the investors of $MFX. SafeMoon is the powerhouse coin on the Binance Smart Chain that the public knows, they have done an amazing job building their brand. In the United States, if you watch CNN or Fox News – they only talk about one cryptocurrency and that is Safemoon. So for the Metfx community and ecosystem to be exposed to this type of audience is huge for our brand. As MetFX will be a brand people come to recognize in the future and this Safemoon deal represents our stepping stool to get this done. This partnership equates to growth, opportunity, and awareness for MetFX”, says the MetFX CEO, Alvin Nicolas.

Jonas Harmer, Growth Manager for SafeMoon, says, “This partnership with MetFX is a chance to get involved with a company that is determined to make a difference on the Binance Smart Chain and we at, SafeMoon, want to be apart of the coins looking to be apart of this positive change on the BSC. MetFX is built like a fortune 500 company and has followed a similar structure on how we operate at Safemoon. The team at MetFX have been willing to follow our advice and have been willing to adapt to make their ecosystem better in any way possible. We are truly impressed with the team MetFX has in place and are ready to take this partnership to the next level.”

MetFX Watch-2-Earn Metaverse

MetFX bursts into the horizon with its one-of-a-kind provision of a full 3D movie-going experience in the privacy of its users’ homes. Its enthralling digital ecosystem feeds on public screenings of the newest blockbusters as well as real estate that users can purchase to establish their own screening rooms. MetFX’s in-bound Play-to-Earn games and its option for users to develop, list, purchase, and sell NFT avatars, accessories, structures, and equipment via the NFT marketplace provide endless earning opportunities. Creators and artists are welcome to earn royalties on the sale of their NFT assets.

The MetFx watch-2-earn metaverse will provide its users with endless opportunities. In addition to movie theaters and private screening rooms, users can earn native tokens by watching movies on the streaming app. The MetFx Marketplace is where users will find all of the required accessories, as well as a large choice of NFTs that can be used in the metaverse.

MetFX released the APK file for its streaming app on Monday, July 25, 2022, which will be soon available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The streaming app will be directly linked to the metaverse. The application will allow users to watch movies. Users can log in to the streaming app using the username they created in the metaverse to get rewards from their watch-to-earn profits.

As MetFX continues to grow, new features will be continually added to further expand the metaverse. To get more information about the MetFX watch-2-earn ecosystem, read the official whitepaper and the pitch deck.

About MetFX

MetFX is a Web 3 watch-2-earn movie streaming metaverse platform. MetFx’s integrated ecosystem is intended to stimulate usage across all areas of the platform, resulting in a closed-loop and expanding economy that raises the value of MetFx tokens.

MetFX seeks to bridge the gap between the traditional and cryptocurrency worlds. MetFX is sure that it can accomplish so with its streaming software and economic model Watch-2-Earn, NFT marketplace, and metaverse.

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a human-focused technology and innovation business expanding blockchain developed for a brighter tomorrow. Deeply connected to and driven by its award winning community (The SafeMoon Army), SafeMoon is innovating for good.

SafeMoon aims to build blockchain, commerce, metaverse and NFT products to derive new kinds of value from crypto technology and to apply it to increasingly better use.

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