Deseo Is Revolutionizing The Influencer And NFT Space By Making Customized NFTs For Influencers Worldwide

  • PublishedJuly 27, 2022

Deseo is powering a new generation of accessible customized NFT for influencers worldwide, so they can make money and grow their fan base at the same time.

Over the last year, crypto-art fans have been purchasing NFT artworks at ever-increasingly high prices. NFT artworks are unique digital assets individually identified on a blockchain and are known as non-fungible tokens. As a result, many development approaches and marketplaces have evolved because of the enormous demand for NFTs. delivers a solution to the lack of trust in influencers’ networks by creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for them. This is the first place where influencers can get their NFTs made that are truly genuine, guaranteeing that the content and work their followers receive is authentic and profit-oriented. They empower influencers to monetize their following. Influencers earn crypto by creating NFTs in 3 easy steps and letting their fans interact with them in exciting new ways.

Strong growth in influencer marketing is creating a need for creative methods to connect and engage with followers while incentivizing creators to generate content. By giving the audience a way to collect, extend and interact with the NFT collection, influencers now have an avenue to monetize their engagement directly.

NFT for influencers also allows them to keep their audience growing with minimal effort while earning money from their creations. Furthermore, by helping influencers overcome common issues using blockchain technology, Deseo effectively establishes trust among followers and influencers. What’s more, Influencers help charities with NFTs to contribute to making this world a better place.

When asked about the platform’s uniqueness, the founder said, “Our mission is to make it easy for influencers to create NFT collections and help them earn money and stand out from the crowd. We use NFTs to bring the power of blockchain to the influencer industry. With us, you can create an NFT collection for your audience. You will receive payments from your audience’s transaction fees in crypto. Our team works every day to give users profitable and meaningful interactions, providing opportunities for influencers to create sustainable income streams for their content while building lasting relationships with their community. To be able to share part of the profits with charity organizations is something we’re passionate about.”

With a mission to help influencers grow and make some revenue at the same time, their platform enables any influencer- amateur or pro to create a collectibles collection and bring it to the world! From conceptualization to design, the Deseo handles all aspects of helping influencers launch their NFT into the market with a bang.

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