Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Helps Homeowner Fix Tree Crown Following Wind Damage

  • PublishedJuly 27, 2022

Santa Ana, California – After a windstorm damaged his oak tree, Julius knew he had to look for a professional team to help him fix the tree. According to the homeowner, the strong wind had broken several branches, leaving the tree with an unbalanced appearance.

It has been years since the oak tree received any form of care,” said Julius. “The tree had an overcrowded crown, but no one thought that this was a bad thing—everyone in the family thought that the overcrowded crown was a good thing as it allowed the family to enjoy a nice shade in the summer season.”

The homeowner noted that the unexpected damage occurred when the strong wind got trapped on the tree’s numerous branches. The oak tree was too overcrowded, so the wind did not have enough room to navigate out of the tree crown.

The family woke up to a large cracking sound in the middle of the night,” noted the homeowner. “On waking up, the first thing that caught the family’s attention was the huge branch that was leaning over the house. The family did not know how to get rid of the branch as there were significant chances that this limb would end up dropping on the house unexpectedly.”

The homeowner reportedly went online searching for a team that could help with emergency tree pruning. Luckily, he found the Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Google My Business page and website.

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana had a website that indicated its team operated on a 24/7 basis to help homeowners fix trees that were posing an immediate risk to the utilities,” said Julius. “Seeing this caused immediate relief. The wife contacted the company immediately, and its tree care professionals confirmed they would be on the landscape within the shortest time possible—the team arrived about 30 minutes later.”

The homeowner noted that he was extremely surprised by the company’s team of tree-cutting professionals considering he did not expect a team to be alert in the middle of the night. The homeowner had reportedly called the company at 1 am.


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The company brought a bucket truck, a crane, power cutting tools, ropes, and other vital safety tools,” said Julius. “The wife was impressed when the team turned on huge flashlights that allowed everyone to see clearly. They started by tying the risky branches with ropes attached to the crane. Then using the bucket truck to reach the base of the truck, the company cut off the branch and then lowered it down safely.”

The homeowner reportedly expected Tree Service Experts Santa Ana to leave after removing the risky branch. After all, the dangerous branch was the reason he had called the company’s team of tree care professionals. However, he was surprised when the team told him they would improve the entire tree.

The company went ahead and removed all the smaller branches that the wind had broken,” said Julius. “These were cut and then slowly brought down to avoid causing damage to any of the neighboring utilities. By the time the company was done, the tree no longer had an overcrowded crown, and all the damaged branches were gone. The tree looked like it hadn’t experienced any form of trauma.”

The homeowner reported that he ended up spending a small amount of money on the entire procedure. He noted that with Tree Service Experts Santa Ana’s Affordability, he would keep using the company’s services.

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana has a base of operation at 1217 E Wakeham Ave, 92705 Santa Ana, CA. The company, however, can be contacted easily by dialing 657-332-0999 or emailing [email protected]

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