Kingsong Introduces an Electric Unicycle for Short-Distance Commuting and Green Transportation

  • PublishedJune 25, 2022
Kingsong Introduces an Electric Unicycle for Short-Distance Commuting and Green Transportation
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Kingsong, a leading motor unicycle company from China, has launched two electric monowheel models that are suitable for short-distance commuting and promote green transportation. The models include Kingsong 14D and Kingsong 16S. Both models are the most advanced motor unicycle models with an integrated app and a high-performance lithium battery. The electric monowheel for traveling is one of the latest technologies in electric transportation. People don’t need to worry about driving; just enjoy the ease with which it allows them to travel. A motor unicycle is a new way to travel that is modern, eco-friendly, and exciting.

The Kingsong electric unicycle is the latest and most innovative product from Kingsong. A company representative from Kingsong said, “The future is now. With green energy becoming more prevalent, electric cars and motorcycles are taking the place of gas-powered vehicles. An electric unicycle is just one example of this new technology, but what about a vehicle that can carry only single people and is easy to carry? Enter the electric monowheel!” The design of a monowheel revolves primarily around striking a balance between the body weight and the counterweight. Typically, electric monowheels have been designed in such a way that there is an arrangement of weights that are distributed around the wheel’s circumference.

Kingsong is one of the new brands in the electric unicycle industry. Kingsong electric unicycle models are designed to meet the needs of workers looking for environmentally friendly transportation and short-distance commuting without harming the environment like fossil-based vehicles. The Kingsong 14D electric unicycle model has a smaller tire dimension than the 16S electric unicycle model. In which, the Kingsong 14D has a 14″ tire, while the 16S has a 16″ tire. They have a top speed of 18–21.7 Mph and can climb hills of up to 30°. The Kingsong 14D model is powered by an 800 W motor and can reach distances of up to 20 miles. In addition, the 16S model is powered by a 1200 W motor and can reach distances of up to 35–40 miles.

Electric monowheels are growing in popularity, and there are many different models to choose from. Along with the expected pros, such as being able to use it indoors, electric monowheels also have a lot of cons that need to be considered before deciding on one. Kingsong is one of the electric unicycle brands that is dedicated to providing efficient and environmentally friendly smart city transportation modes. Furthermore, the company performs strict supervision in manufacturing their products and has integrated R & D, production, and sales & service. Kingsong electric unicycle products have been used by clients globally for its high-quality and variety.

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