IsmailBlogger Becomes One of the Most Notable Pakistani Bloggers

April 19 01:49 2022

The internet has allowed many people to earn renown and praise by sharing their thoughts and ideas. In this modern age of blogging, experienced individuals have been able to reach out to thousands of others to not only teach them important skills but also inspire and motivate them, Among such intellectuals is Muhammad Ismail – well known for his Alias, IsmailBlogger.

Hailing from the lands of Khyber Pukhtonwa, Pakistan, Muhammad Ismail is a prominent Amazon affiliate blogger and YouTuber. Among his many achievements one of the most notable and rising Pakistani blogger, has been asked by the US government to meet with a number of successful entrepreneurs and company founders. Although, he has been offered several job offers from a multitude of reputable companies he has instead chosen to develop his own online business while delivering tactics and various educational techniques to newly rising youth via the internet.

On his blog, his heart wrenching tragedies struck, with the death of his father when Ismail was only 7, no stranger to hardships and difficulty. However, through such hardship, tragedies, and unending waves of poverty he was molded into a person that will become not only successful but also sets a stellar precedent for the generation of youth that he has inspired. The struggles he has to face made him impervious to the hardships now he has to face, breaking the barrier to achieving his goals.

This blogger success story has inspired scores of people to follow their dreams and embark on the path through his teaching which paves the route to the success which lies ahead.

Currently, operating from his infamous YouTube channel called IsmailBlogger which is oriented towards courses and educational teaching provided on Udemy, as well as in various universities. He hopes to add value to the lives of each and every one of his students. Having already thought of over 90,000 students, there is no denying that he is becoming one of the most prominent names in the Pakistani blogging world.


Muhammad Ismail, also known by his online pseudonym, IsmailBlogger is a well-known personality in affiliate Blogging. From childhood, he has had the urge to do something incredible in his life. He has rejected more than 7 job offers from great companies because his mission was to accomplish his online business and deliver the tactics to the newbies to reach the sky in online marketing. He initiated his journey of success by giving workshops at the Institute of Management Sciences and proceeded to many of the great universities of Pakistan to deliver his ideas as a motivational speaker.

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