The Dynamic And Growing Ecosystem Surrounding Mintlayer

February 01 17:30 2022

Mintlayer is a platform built on Bitcoin (BTC) providing long-term, secure solutions for scaling options to accelerate the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and contribute to scaling financial markets globally.

Mintlayer’s frictionless diversification provides Bitcoin holders the tools to create new models of DeFi through the trade of Bitcoin for tokenized assets directly and without intermediaries.

The network is highly scalable processing up to millions of transactions per second over multiple layers, onchain and offchain, with rapid transaction confirmations and low fees. Users can also self-audit and validate the entire network without the need for a third party for complete transparency.

Mintlayer boasts an embedded privacy function where users can enable confidential transactions and not automatically reveal their history of activity on the platform so transfers are not directly associable with members’ identities.

The platform is built with two different layers: the first being the blockchain layer which is a programmable settlement layer where transactions are shrunk to use less size and CPU power. The second is the payment layer which utilizes Hashed Timelock Contract (HTLC) smart contracts and allows for instant confirmation with virtually infinite transactions per second of transactions.

The holders of $MLT can participate in the blocksigner auction staking tokens and be selected for the weekly round of block generation, collecting transaction fees from the blocks they sign, by validating financial activity.

Mintlayer incentivized users through the use of $MLT tokens to cover fees for exclusive products and services on the platform.

The platform offers an ecosystem fund which is a partnership between forward-thinking investors in the blockchain space and other stakeholders aimed to drive innovation in the burgeoning DeFi sector being built on the Mintlayer sidechain.

Mintlayer’s accelerator program is designed for experienced teams with a clear idea and roadmap in place who are ready to execute market penetration immediately.

There are grants for network initiatives which add value to the Mintlayer ecosystem like Mintlayer wallets, block explorers, developer tools,or educational resources.

Newcomers to Crypto who have a unique idea that they would like to strategize and implement in the market can participate in the platform’s incubation program. Projects in the earliest stages of development who require mentorship in any of the following areas can apply:

– Assembling a team

– Designing a technical roadmap

– Legal structure

– Marketing strategy development

– Fundraising

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