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Staff Pad’s Subscription-Based Staffing Model Is Taking The Nation By Storm

Staff Pad’s Subscription-Based Staffing Model Is Taking The Nation By Storm

January 31
18:28 2022
Staff Pad launched a subscription-based staffing model to eliminate recruiting fees based on salaries and is now eyeing a nationwide expansion.

Staff Pad has created a ripple effect over the past year with its profound impact on the staffing industry. The company believes they are here to make a difference, and their path-breaking subscription staffing model is creating quite a buzz. 

Elite HR leaders, renowned management consulting firms, and industry-leading executive officers have hailed this recruitment model to be a true eye-opener and an innovative, cost-effective solution.  

For decades, the staffing industry has remained stagnant with cost models that rely on contingent pricing – high fees based on salaries and inconsistent support to the client. Staff Pad is set to be the harbinger of change.

Sean Scoville, CEO of Staff Pad, explains, “The model was created to alleviate pain points I experienced when having to use an outside recruiting agency for my own firm. I was tired of paying inflated fees based on salaries and not getting the long-term results I needed. This is how I knew something needed to change.”

These ideas spawned the creation of a full-service subscription-based staffing model that’s shifted the landscape of outsourced recruiting and delivers substantial cost savings across technology, healthcare, legal firms, real estate, and other industries nationwide. 

Although relatively new, people are embracing the concept with open arms because of the many impact benefits to streamline hiring processes, along with significant cost savings.

Neil Faux, Managing Director of BRG (Berkley Research Group), states, “Staff Pad has proven they can source qualified candidates in a difficult market by utilizing their industry experience, proprietary model, and industry-leading approach.”

He further adds, “The results speak for themselves. Our clients had access to hundreds of candidates for their targeted search within weeks of being engaged. Candidates that would not have been sourced without Staff Pad.”

As industries continue to adapt to candidates having an edge in the hiring market, innovative options were needed to combat the competition of hiring top talent, and the solution came in the form of Staff Pad’s subscription-based staffing model.

In addition to the current national expansion in the technology, healthcare, legal, and real estate industries, Staff Pad is launching custom media and marketing programs for compelling hiring campaigns. 

The unique multimedia marketing projects highlight each client’s unique culture, their benefits, and an unwavering focus on candidate-centric strategies to attract top talent long-term. 

Those who would like to know more about their subscription based staffing model can make it a point to visit them at www.thestaffpad.com.

About Staff Pad 

Staff Pad is a subscription-based, full-service recruitment agency, supplying quality candidates into businesses across the United States at up to 68% less cost than traditional agencies.

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