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Get to know Jonathas Freitas – Market leader of the digital business scene in Brazil that will operate with startups in the United States and Europe in 2022

Get to know Jonathas Freitas – Market leader of the digital business scene in Brazil that will operate with startups in the United States and Europe in 2022

January 31
23:09 2022

The market for software, apps, and digital solutions led to concurrence between technology companies to a worldwide competition. By introducing innovative technologies that have good business performance, companies from virtually every part of the world can become global market successes. 

A few years ago, brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, and YouTube were part of a small group of brands with global control of users and prestige positions in the market, but today there are thousands of different companies that make tens of thousands of dollars and even billions. 

In highlighting the prominent technology scene, the country of Brazil, in South America, becomes a powerful, important and influential pole in this segment of the world and launches for the global market a series of solutions, applications, and startups that reach more and more value in the market and are getting recognized internationally, including in the United States. 

One of the highest authorities in this sector in Brazil is the entrepreneur and investor, Jonathas Freitas. The 33-year-old Brazilian is a native of So Paulo but lived in the interior of the Brazilian state of Bahia for 18 years, but after a youth in a reality of few financial resources, returned to the Brazilian financial capital to build a successful career in the leadership of an extensive list of successive companies and participation as a partner in the DreamMaker fund, endorsed and audited at USD100 million in technology, applications, and software companies. 

The serial entrepreneur and investor has participated in the foundation of more than 40 startups, among them the main ones, BlitzPay, TouroClass, and ManyContent. ManyContent is a totally Brazilian platform, active in the international market, that presents a technology capable of creating content for social networks that engages companies through artificial technology. The contents are created from a collection of data at the time of contracting the platform. It was a great marketing success in Brazil and now it is exported internationally with its English version. 

In a recent interview, Jonathas Freitas said that he attributed his success in entrepreneurship and technology to the constant improvement of various skills, intelligent societies, and determination: A long time ago, I learned that to be successful in a certain area, I would need to constantly assume risks. It’s part of the DNA of an entrepreneur, and when I have this clarity, I try to train myself in all the areas that make up a company, learn about management, have a good lawyer and accountant on my side, understand how sales work, both offline and online, using digital marketing strategies, how to get feedback from customers and improve or produce constantly, and that day I was an eternal apprentice, who always tries to receive advice from people who have many results and who can give me more information to support me or my learning process. My “engine” is to always be alert, creating trustable companies since the beginning,” said the entrepreneur who, in 2021, was listed by the Jornal de Braslia as one of the 18 most important people in technology in Brazil and also won the Digital Awards for the second time, the highest honorary for digital entrepreneurship in the country. 

In addition to create companies continuously, Jonathas also acts as a lecturer for entrepreneurs and aspirants throughout Brazil. In February this year, a lecture will be presented at the Brazilian event “Know How Experience 2022” and will divide the line-up with personalities such as the Brazilian vice-president Hamilton Mouro and the American billionaire Timothy Draper. Jonathas also shares educational content through his account on Instagram (@jhon_freitas) that encourages other people to take up the challenge as well. 

In a list made up of founders of digital banks and startups, Jonathas is part of a new Brazilian elite, made up of digital businesses that are invading the United States, Europe, and the world. This scenario will certainly be strengthened in 2022, and the magnates of two Brazilian digital businesses will be increasingly recognized in America. 

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